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Trading to the End

This particular trade did not work out as we expected. When looking for a trade set up you try to find the best entry possible using our support and resistance areas. On this particular trade we were in between support levels, so we took a trade based on price action and prior movements. [Read more…]

Trading Call Options in a Down Market

During times when the market is one direction, finding a solid trading location can be difficult. In the case of the EURUSD today, on May 30, 2012, the price had been getting hit all night. US markets were about to open down significantly and the price of the euro had been falling for over a month now. At some point in time prices tend to reverse or retrace back into the move. This is where we looked for our entry today. [Read more…]

Trading in a Storm

Within 10 seconds after entry the price jumped 5 pips in our favor and never looked back. We did see a gain of about 12 pips at one point, but by the end the price closed seven pips in our favor, never touching the area of being out of the money. [Read more…]

Using Lower Highs for Entry

Today’s trade was based on the EURUSD moving to the north side only to reach just above the pivot line and then try to break that high two different times. On the third attempt to break the most recent high we noticed how it was stalling quite a bit. This is when we entered are put option, which gave us a solid 13 PIP winner and actually dropped another 30 pips after that giving spot Forex traders a solid entry as well. [Read more…]

Opening Binary Option Trading to the Public

As for today’s trade, we changed it up a bit by taking a USDCAD trade. The markets were moving with intensity all morning so you really needed to be on top of your game when entering a binary option trade. The trade of the day was based on a resistance area using the pivot points. The price had moved up really quick to this level and usually when this happens it has a tendency to consolidate or pullback a bit. In our case the price pulled back pretty much immediately after crossing the line. The strength in the pair allowed the price to move up once again, but in the end the price dropped just enough to give us a winner. Going against the trend has some advantages and disadvantages. Just make sure you know what you are facing when you trade this way. [Read more…]

Soft Pull Back Binary Trade

When you are looking for a particular trade set up you should always consider price action over the past hour or two. This allows you to determine if there’s areas of support and resistance. If the support or pivot lines are not showing anything to you at the moment, this gives you more ground on your trade. If the price has moved up or down in a pretty good fashion and then starts to pull back, this is the area you [Read more…]

We’ll Trade Pivots All Day

We talk about rating trades all the time. Some setups are obviously better than others. It’s when you find the setup that you feel really good about is when you realize your trading plan is solid. A lot of traders try to do too much. [Read more…]

Perfect Pivot Trading

When you wait patiently for the trade set up to occur, good things will happen. Today, we set an alert around 8:30 AM this morning around the price of the pivot point on the euro USD. It was around 9:15 when this price alert triggered and gave us our first entry for a put option on the binary markets. During this 45 min. stretch before making this trade I was able to do other things and not have to worry about finding a particular trade.

Once the trigger hit, I immediately sprung into action and placed my put option at 24 option about one PIP above the pivot line. Within about 5 seconds the price was in the money and never looked back. This trade had dropped around eight pips at the close and by the end of the hour the price had dropped to number 20 pips. There were a lot of things working [Read more…]

Binary Trading Alerts and Ideas

Trading ideas are what makes a good trader a winning trader. We are constantly looking for the ideal set up to trade on a consistent basis. A lot of times it is hard to find the same set up over and over again in any trading market. Binary options are no exception to this fact and you have to find a good standard to trade off of if you want to be successful.

Just like a fingerprint not all trades are the same. One day you may see a put option when the price reaches a certain pivot level and the next day you might see a call option at that same particular price. Not all trading is the same. We’ve included a couple of screenshots of how to look for trading ideas and one being about setting the trade alert based on your idea. Trade alerts can be real handy when you don’t have time to watch the screen waiting for the setup to happen. [Read more…]

Trading GBPJPY Binary Option

Every once in a while Binary Option traders make a mistake. This time the trade taken hasn’t been done in several months. We usually look at the euro and the pound dollar, but this time we saw a nice set up on the up pound yen. The price came up to the pivot point at just the right time to take a put option. Once the trade was entered the concern set in pretty quick. [Read more…]

Consolidation Bounce Trade

Today’s trade set up occurred this morning based off a mini consolidation area after a huge move down in the euro and the pound. We had set an alert to trigger our trade on certain levels so we didn’t have to monitor the computer screen for the setup. In this case the price did not reach that price level, but we did notice the small consolidation area that gave us a nice entry for a call option in a more down trending market. [Read more…]

Changing on the Fly

Sometimes when you see a particular trade, other things develop which make you change your mind and do something of the Opposite. During this trade of the day, the markets were in pretty much a steady downtrend. Although we were looking for solid put options throughout the morning nothing really developed in our favor. It wasn’t until late in the morning when we decided to take a call option only to change our mind and take a put option a few minutes later.

In trading you take your best opportunity and make the most of it. In this case, the call option we were seeking was at a good price point, but the price had already moved up in the direction we were seeking. [Read more…]

Put Options at the Right Time

After a day off of trading yesterday, we got back to business today taking a put option on the pound dollar currency pair. This trade was based on severe resistance from several days ago. We were also hitting a resistance point on our pivot’s. We saw the price rise over the past few hours in more of a downside market, which led us to taking this trade this morning. [Read more…]

Binary Options and Gaps

Trading in any market after a gap in price can be quite difficult. When looking for a trade in the binary options market patience is key. In the trade we saw today with a 80 PIP Down gap at the opening of yesterday’s market, we knew we had to be observant of of the market conditions. The price of the euro dollar dramatically increased almost back to the gap price. A lot of people consider big gaps in one direction or another the trend for the day. However, a lot of times price tends to come back up or down depending on which way to fill the space that was completely missed.

In this case, we saw the price drop and shoot back up over the 61.8 Fibonacci number. The price hit support level II which in this case turned into a resistance point based on pivots. [Read more…]

Trading Binaries Around News

Once a month, on the first Friday the nonfarm payroll report comes out for the US market. No matter what you are trading, whether it’s binary, stocks, futures, or any asset you should be aware of this news event and to be very careful when trading around it. As a binary trader, we are looking to trade in about an hour after the news has been digested into the market.

Today, the news came out and it wasn’t anything spectacular. We noticed a slight move down and then a solid move up to the resistance line on the EURUSD. Although the price was moving in the direction [Read more…]