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Trading a Juicy Move

We had a great trade at TradeRush to close out the week and also close out the month of September 2012. If you remember, we had an interesting start to the month with very limited movement on the binary markets. We noticed how price action was very soft and not too many pure setups were coming to us throughout the day. We stood our ground and waited patiently for each individual trade and in the and it really worked out in our favor.

Today’s trade at TradeRush was pretty clean and simple. We noticed price action had been moving up through resistance one and two, but not anything in a significant fashion. This led us to look into taking put options as well as call options if each came to us this morning. [Read more…]

Trading Against the Trend is Interesting

We talk about taking trades in the binary markets with the current trend you are currently watching. Sometimes you find a trade that is developing based on price action that is setting up against the trend. Today was one of those days where price was moving to the South side coming close to support level three. As price moved down it was pretty choppy and did show some possible trades in the early morning hours. It wasn’t until around 10:30am EST where price moved down closer to the lows of the day which allowed us to take our trade.

We watched the price move down through a wick candle that occurred on a 15 min. chart several hours before. Price then created a new wick on the one minute candle in which we entered our trade. This was a call option going against the overall trend. We saw a few pips that worked against us, but soon after that price moved in [Read more…]

Price Action Trading

Today was an interesting ride on the binary options market. We took our trade at and went against the trend for the day. The past few weeks we’ve been more or less sticking with the trend and only taking solid setups if we looked against it. Price action was dictating to the Southside on the overall markets and this showed heavily on the EURUSD. Price moved down through support level three in the middle of the night and continued to hold this area for a few hours. It wasn’t until we saw price action move back up to the north side where we decided to take our call option trade.

As price was rising from the lower area of support level three we noticed higher lows were being developed along the way. Once this was concluded we entered our trade on a pullback back down to one of the higher lows. Right after entering the trade we noticed how [Read more…]

Smooth Trading on the Binary Options Markets

This week has been very interesting based on the price action we saw last week. If you remember on Friday we watched price move up pretty significantly. However, this week we’ve watched the price fall a good chunk on the EURUSD. Price has faded and also held its ground during this move down. It wasn’t until today where price decided to try to go back up to the North Side. Price gravitated a couple times this morning and has risen to resistance one on several occasions. This is where we decided to take our trade and in this case it was a put option.

Four hours prior to taking this trade we watched price rise from pivot and hit resistance one. Price then formed a wick candle at the top or should I say extended move of the resistance area. We watched how price rose again from pivot all the way past resistance one one more time. [Read more…]

Trading Resistance at Old Support

We talk about price action on the binary markets every day. We will continue to do this until we find a different way to trade the binary options market. At this point we’ve been trading with you in mind for several months and the one thing that has stayed the same is price action trades based on the charts are delivering. If you haven’t noticed the patterns we look for, it will be a good idea to watch our videos and read the blog posts to catch up on all the things you can look for to making your trades.

Today’s trade was based on something that happened yesterday. Over the past few days price action has been slowing down since Friday. Whenever this happens you have to take into consideration where price will go on a slow moving day versus a big moving day. In this case, price [Read more…]

Trading Resistance

It’s always interesting to see what happens to the markets after a big move on a Friday. Mondays are usually a big day, but have a tendency to figure out which direction to go is always in question. All last week we were watching the euro rise against the dollar based on several news events. This will most likely continue this week and paying attention to what is happening will be critical to making your binary option trades.

We noticed how price was rising from pivot over the last couple hours when we decided to take our put option at resistance level one. Price was rising up fast to this resistance level, but it did show signs of weakness throughout the morning. We immediately got in our put option trade just as the price pushed through resistance one. Price then pulled back immediately after entry given us six pips in our direction. Within a few [Read more…]

Making New Highs on this Binary Trade

Today, here at we set a new milestone on our YouTube channel. It’s been a good ride so far trading with you guys in mind and allowing you to learn from my techniques on the binary markets. This 500 subscriber mark means more to me than you would think and I’ll continue to add value to this website and channel. Going forward I see a lot of new things developing and as a team we should be able to take on the binary options markets together.

Today’s trade was based on the price action of the North Side move on the euro dollar. Over the last couple days the EURUSD has been up significantly breaking through all kinds of new highs and developing new levels of support and resistance. We took our trade at and it is only fitting to have this broker [Read more…]

Several Catalysts in this Trade

Over the past couple weeks we’ve noticed how price action has been fairly weak over the entire market. We’ve been waiting for some time to get a solid entry on the EURUSD and today it finally happened. We noticed how price had moved up since yesterday forming a stronger daily range then what we’ve been seeing. This led us to believe a pullback was a strong area to enter a call option. We saw how price was coming up to resistance three but not actually getting there. This made us more comfortable with a call option on a pullback to resistance the next resistance area which becomes new support.

Price moved through resistance and formed a small channel between 1.2880 and 1.2908. This particular channel was hanging around the whole number of 1.28. Whenever you have a channel form around a whole number [Read more…]

Trading Binaries in Chop City

We’ve talked about choppy markets in the past and today was one of those days where it was best just to walk away from your computer. If you witnessed the price action on the currency markets you noticed how we stayed in a tight range which allowed for very few setups. When you get in these types of situations it’s best to start working on something else and trade.

However, since we take our trade of the day and we won’t force it we did notice a trade set up later in the morning. Although this was not an ideal setup it did have the flavor of a good put option at a whole number. We like to use whole numbers at resistance and support for our trading. Price had finally extended through the channel that was [Read more…]

News Trading and Binary Options

The first Friday of every month is always an interesting time to trade on the binary options market. This particular day is known as Nonfarm payroll. If you’re new to the markets this is one of the biggest moving days of the month. If the news release carries a lot of weight price action should see significant moves in one direction or the other. This makes trading around news time a dangerous proposition. We like to wait at least thirty minutes after the report is handed out. This gives us enough time to digest what’s happening in the overall economy and how other people are taking the news.

We took our trade just over one hour after the news was released. Price action had moved up fairly nice to the North Side and was way above resistance three. We talk about extended moves all the time at resistance three or support level three, but on Nonfarm Payroll day these theories can be thrown out the window. If news is significant [Read more…]

Pivot Point Holding it’s Ground

We got off to a good start this morning with a binary options trade that occurred around 9:30. We were looking for price action to move back towards the pivot. We noticed how price was consolidating, but missed our entry on the previous binary expiry. Price then retraced back up midway between pivot and resistance one. It then had a nice move back down to pivot in which it pushed through by a couple of pips. We then took our call option trade at this particular price.

Price then consolidated for a couple of minutes before making its move up to the North Side in our direction. We had a nice winner here for about two pips, but there was no pain whatsoever. [Read more…]

Trading Post Labor Day

After a long weekend we were able to get things going in the right direction on Tuesday, September 4, 2012. Price action is still weak based on summer trading and post holiday blues. If you’re in the United States you understand that it’s quite possible for slow going activity after a holiday weekend. We were only looking for solid setups to take our binary option trade today. This particular trade worked out in favor, but wasn’t as beautiful as we would’ve liked. Take what you can get sometimes.

Price had moved up through the evening and into the night on Sunday and then over the course of several hours dropped off passed support level one. This is when we started looking for our trade and price action was still a bit weak. Price was up to a certain area of resistance where we looked for our [Read more…]