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Find this Winner

We got off to an early start this morning on the binary options market. Over the last 24 hours we watched the EURUSD drop over 200 pips. This of course led to some nice trade setups on both the Forex and binary market. News came out mid-day yesterday surrounding the stimulus package in the US. The stock market did not like the news, but the dollar rallied against all currency pairs. The dollar was Rallying throughout the course the night and into this morning. We watched price hit the lows of 1.32000 and this is what allowed us to find a nice set up at stockpair. Ideally we would’ve taken put options today, but there was nothing available at the time we were trading. Although we were waiting patiently, the whole number reversal trade was the one for us.

As price was starting to consolidate around the whole number of 1.3200 [Read more…]

Finding a Solid Setup

We found a nice trade at Traderush today going against the trend. We waited for price to get above the resistance two area and although price pushed quickly up to the whole number 1.34000, we took our put option just below the resistance two line. The trade opened up against us by a couple of pips, but since we got in so early in the expiry we were able to wait for it to work in our direction. This ended up being a great five pip winner on the binary options market and since the close of the trade we’ve seen the EURUSD consolidate and fight at this level for some time after the trade was over. [Read more…]

Moving Up at the Whole Number

This trade had whole number written all over it. Over the past year we’ve been talking about whole numbers as a solid trading catalyst for your binary and Forex trades. Today, we had a great set up at the whole number 1.33000. Price had been drifting downward over the course of the night and early morning. As price came down to the whole number it decided to form a nice 5 minute candlestick wick. This is where we started looking for our call option at We did have our Metatrader charts going and our alerts were set. Price action pushed the price through the whole number which led us to our trade of the day.

As price formed a solid candle at the whole number we entered our call option at Stockpair. [Read more…]

Trading Regulations and the Trade of the Day

We got off to a fast start on this trade of the day. Although a nice trade set up was at the pivot level today, we were unable to take this particular call option. It wasn’t until about 40 minutes later where we took our put option on the EURUSD. This trade was set up for us on an extended move past resistance one. We noticed how price was climbing up after recent drop off. Although price action has been up to the north side, we still felt comfortable with a put option around this level. We took this trade at Traderush which will play an important role in the binary options market going forward. We’ll discuss more about the binary options regulations below. [Read more…]

Breaking Out on the Binary Trading Charts

A great trade setup for us today on the EURUSD. Throughout the video we spoke about the risk of trading. Understanding your risk is probably the most important detail you figure out before taking a trade. If you don’t accept the risk of trading; not only will your account blowup, but you won’t even know what hit you when it’s all over. Take a step back before taking your first trade and get a fuel for the risk.

Today’s trade was based on price action pushing through resistance three. [Read more…]

Getting Back to Business on the Binary Options Market

After a long week of office construction, it was nice to get back to trading. All last week we had contractors in the office making adjustments. Unfortunately, we were unable to take our normal trades and provide our normal videos. We did however manage to make a couple of videos with some excellent trades. Nonetheless it’s nice to get back to normal, looking for the best trades possible on the binary options market. All this week we will have trades that will hopefully show excellent price action and give us nice winners. [Read more…]