Archives for September 2013

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Finding a Late Trade on the EURUSD

This trade came to us later in the morning, but gave us a nice winner. If you can find a good setup on the market, it’s up to you to take advantage of that move. We were able to do this today even though price action was passed our usual trading time. We’ll continue to trade the markets with our same techniques as long as market conditions are favorable.

Today, we noticed how price action was coming off the pivot level and the whole number of 1.35000. As price was coming down it eventually hit support level two and this is when we started looking for our trade. We noticed how price was climbing up and forming higher lows along the way. Eventually price action turned around at a high that occurred several hours prior this near support level one. [Read more…]

Binary Options Strategies Play a Roll

We kicked our Tuesday off with a nice winner after the US markets opened. We’ve had a pretty good few days of trading and we were hoping to have another good day today. Last week we saw winners of over 20 pips on two different occasions. This allowed us to take the simple trade the rest of the week and focus on really good setups. Today we noticed price action chopping around the pivot level. Yesterday we had a huge gap up on the EURUSD. This allowed price action to fill the gap over the course of the afternoon and evening last night. [Read more…]

Huge Binary Trading Winner Today

Yesterday we got off to a slow start on the binary options market going against the trend that was pretty strong to the north side. The lesson learned in this case was when the markets are moving firmly to one direction, it’s best to stick with that direction on pullbacks and other setups. We were fortunate to catch one of the last moves back down against the trend before the price action pushed up to new territories. We watched the price close out at the last second and then pop up nearly 100 pips after our trade was closed. Fortunately for us, we learned our lesson and took a solid trade on the EURUSD. [Read more…]

Post Holiday Trading Setup

We found this setup after the US markets opened. It took longer than we expected, but the EURUSD did drop off right when we needed it to. We were looking at lower highs on the chart coming off the 1.3400 level from last week. We are now hitting new lows for the day and week.

Price was coming off support level one and got down to around support level three earlier this morning. We noticed the price was trying to climb back up to support level two and although this was a pretty tight range we were watching lower highs develop. Price was trying to reach the highs for the day, but failed. This allowed us to take a solid trade on the EURUSD.

Price started to climb back up to support level two, but we were watching [Read more…]