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Finding Tops is Fun

Our trade didn’t come until after the US markets got going. Over the course of the night, price action stayed in a pretty tight range. Price started at the pivot level and only climbed up to resistance one. The interesting thing was, it did turn on the line in true trading fashion. You could’ve traded a put option at resistance one and two call options at the 1.3742 level as well. Another put option near resistance one was a great looking trade. This was the trade we took and it worked really well at Redwood options. From the moment we started watching the markets, we noticed price was starting to consolidate. We didn’t see much movement, so we hung tight and waited for our moment. [Read more…]

Trading Exxon Binary Options

Exxon Mobil (XOM) is one of the world’s largest companies, specializing in oil production and transportation. For a very long time it has been considered to be a safe investment; almost everyone in the world uses oil in some way, mostly for driving around their vehicles. It’s long been considered a “blue chip” stock simply because of its nature for slow and steady earnings. Blue chips are established companies that have a very reliable nature, and Exxon fits this description beautifully. If you are looking to buy and hold, this is a great stock to own. Five years ago, this stock was around $75 per share. Not too long ago, it was around $100 and it currently resides at around $91. There’s been lots of growth, and as long as oil is the world’s most popularly traded commodity, there will be lots more. [Read more…]

Flip Flop Market Conditions

Today setup some interesting price action on the EURUSD. After yesterdays climb up to resistance three from the purple line of 1.3642, we were trying to figure out what would happen next. Usually when you see a big move late in the trading day, where most traders are not active, can lead you to think something is happening overall. We watched price climb up to resistance three on three different occasions. This occurred over the course of about 14 hours. Although the move was only 40 to 50 pips, it still showed signs of weakness. Every time the price tried to make a new high, it pulled back. On the third time, price action tried to make the new high and dropped all the way down to the pivot level. This is when we decided to take our put option. [Read more…]

Using Stock Fundamentals

Sometimes there are companies that just defy the traditional logic that we have come to expect from the stock market. This usually happens in revolutionary type companies, the ones that change the way we must think about their particular sector. Regardless of where you are trading–whether it be in the stock exchanges or in the binary options markets–you need to know how to spot such a game changer. It’s really not that hard to do because there are always a few of them out in the markets somewhere. [Read more…]