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The Coffee Affect When Trading

There is a direct link between stocks and commodities, although at times it’s not always that obvious. For example, when oil is selling well, companies like Exxon see profits go up. That’s an easy one to understand. But what about when something else happens, something a lot less obvious? To better understand this, let’s look at a current example that you might not have thought of before.
Coffee Trading on the Binary Market
It’s easy to imagine why oil is the world’s most popularly traded commodity, but did you know that coffee is number two on the list? The raw beans that are roasted and ground up to become the drink can only be grown in certain areas of the world, but the demand for this beverage is worldwide and immense. There is little supply (relatively) and a huge demand, thus driving the price up for this crop. However, a large number of publicly traded companies rely on coffee for their survival. So when coffee is cheap, these companies can charge less [Read more…]

Same Event, Different Actions

It’s no secret that the banks all throughout Europe are having difficulties. And it’s also not a secret that elections all throughout the EU take place next month. There is reliable speculation that governments throughout Europe will be approving a bunch of bank reform laws quickly in order to get them out of the way before the elections take place. Political reasons for this aside, this could have a profound impact upon both the euro’s price in comparison to other major currencies and the prices of stocks of the major European banks.
Taking on the EURO
First, you need to expect the impact to come in two different parts: immediate and long term. The immediate impact will be based upon how the public reacts to these changes, and this will largely be determined by what the media says. [Read more…]