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Today’s trade set up was perfect. It didn’t take long for us to find a nice resistance trade this morning. After opening our charts within a couple of minutes the EURUSD trade set up occurred. This resistance put option played out over 5 min. and won by over four pips. It’s a good feeling when you turn your charts on and find a trade immediately and you can get your day going quick.

We had noticed a huge gap up last night with the price fading ever since the opening. The price closed the gap from it’s opening last night. This led us to believe the price could go either way and call options as well as put options were available. Although the prices are above the pivot at this point the strength in the market is not necessarily known. We will keep an eye on the Binary Options markets throughout the day will most likely not trade until we get to our next level.

The image below shows the trade perfectly. You can see how the price moved up around the resistance line and we entered the trade because we only had about a minute to get in. In this case we got in just before the price made that move up to the resistance line. We also determine the resistance line working as a shield for the price to actually move up or even to touch. Soon after our exit at 9 AM this morning the price passed through the resistance and then consolidated around that level. Since the video was taken and the image was taken the prices dropped another 30 pips from this price level. This shows you that this resistance level is pretty strong and the next trade will most likely be located near the pivot.

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