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Apple Still Has Legs

You can Trade Apple on the binary Markets

Trading Apple Binary Options Can Be Profitable

Apple’s stock had a big day on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. It closed Monday at just under $607 per share, and in early Tuesday trading, it quickly went up over $613. This was a great wave of momentum for binary options traders especially since the stock rose so quickly. Traders looking at short term options, such as 60 second or even 5 minute options, were met with welcome gains.

Apple doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. It’s one year estimate puts it at $650. This is, in essence, a binary options trader’s dream. Apple has a great line of products and strong fundamentals. It is on a pronounced upward trend over the last four months, thus making it a great candidate for call options. While there is no guarantee that it will go up as steadily as it has over the last several months, there is a definite trend in play which makes call options the best bet, even for 60 second binary options.

When you are trading binary options, riding the prevalent trend is a much safer alternative than trying to predict a trend reversal. When looking at trade candidates, you always want to make sure that you are following this rule. Apple is one of the most obvious examples here thanks to its sustained long term success. And because Apple is a major U.S. stock, it is included on the vast majority of binary options brokers sites.

You can decrease the amount of risk you are assuming by looking at longer term binary options for AAPL. Many brokers have day or week long binary options that you can purchase and although this involves tying up your trading capital for longer periods of time, you will see more success within your own trading profits. Supplementing short term binary options with long term options can be a great way to decrease risk and add a safety net to your trading. Remember, longer term trades will rely more on fundamental analysis than short term trades. Looking at the key fundamentals should always be a part of your trading routine when looking at trades that do not expire right away. This will help you to confirm the trend and better measure its strength. Check out a more recent trade of Apple here.

Apple trades a huge volume. This can be used to your advantage. Because many traders are still in buy mode for this stock, it is very likely that Apple will reach its one year goal of $650 sooner than later. As a binary options trader, you can use this perceived growth to your advantage. Taking this opportunity quickly is important as buying will probably start slowing down as AAPL gets closer to the $650 mark. Trades like this don’t come around very often so it’s important that you hop on while the trend is still growing strong.

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