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Where is Apple Stock Going

The off and on again most valuable company in the world–Apple–has recently received some information that might prove to be yet another setback in the stock pricing of the company. What was once one of their most prized draws is starting to lose a lot of ground. It’s no secret that the iPhone has been a huge moneymaker for Apple, but new reports indicate that Android devices are starting to make some big gains when it comes to the downloading of apps. This is especially true within foreign markets, but it is something that is likely to happen in the United States, too. Other big tech companies, such as Google, are beginning to grab up market shares when it comes to apps, and this means fewer sales for Apple.

Apple’s stock (AAPL) is one of the most popular stocks out there. It daily experiences a high volume and causes a lot of extra growth (or loss) for the company. At one point, the stock had climbed as high as $700 per share, but that was over a year ago. Currently, the stock sits at around $550–which is still a huge number and prevents entry to the marketplace for a lot of individuals. This is only true with traditional stocks, though, and not all types of trading. Binary options make it really easy to get in on Apple’s movement, especially if you are interested in quick trades.

Experts tend to agree that Apple is on the way up once again and have a one year projection price of just under $600. Still, this does not mean that the ride will be smooth. Apps might be cheap–the vast majority cost under $5 each–but they are sold in huge quantities every day and make up for a large percentage of Apple’s sales in the app store. The slowing of growth here is likely to cause some immediate problems for the company and this will undoubtedly be reflected over the short term within the company’s stock price.
Does Apple go up or down?
One author had a very good point. The vast majority of phone customers do not buy smartphones just because they like to collect smartphones. They buy them because of their capabilities and how they can enhance their lives. For the longest time, the obvious answer was the iPhone because it had the biggest and most convenient app store. And while it still does dominate in this area, if Android phones are gaining ground, the end result could spell trouble for Apple. Fewer app capabilities means fewer people wanting to buy iPhones eventually. And iPhones are definitely not as cheap as apps are. When a hot selling item slows down in sales, the impact upon the company can be disastrous.

Apple has historically been in similar situations before and they have responded marvelously. It might take a few weeks or even months to fully recover from an occurrence like the one proposed above, but if any company can do it, it is Apple. It’s likely that there will be a short term drop in price, but the long term forecast is still probably very accurate. This doesn’t mean you can’t profit from the current situation, though. Short term binary trading is a great way to make a few quick bucks off of a small drop in stock prices. And because binaries have no impact upon the price themselves, you can still buy stock in the traditional marketplace and watch it go up in price over time while at the same time making money with binary options as short term prices experience fluctuations. If anything, this kind of trading adds diversity to your capabilities, all while protecting the company and helping you to minimize risk at the same time.Risk Disclaimer

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