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After a full week off we got back into trading just like we finished before we left. This trade set up on the pound dollar came to us around 9:30 AM this morning and worked out perfectly. At around 9:20 we were seeking a call option trade based on the consolidation with the potential move up to the resistance level. Within seconds the price popped 10 pips all the way to to that resistance level, but we had already missed that call option trade. This is where we entered our put option trade at 24option to the south side. We had a small amount of pain at the beginning of the trade but soon after the price moved in our favor by over 10 pips and closed around four pips.

Seeking the trade the day can be quite simple if you just wait patiently for the price to move in an area where you think you can take a solid trade. Instead of trying to guess the market in certain circumstances you can take trades that come to you. Patience is up there with the top 5 things you need to have to become a successful trader.

The image below shows the trade set up in more detail. As you can see the price moved up on that one legged bar and then fell directly down over the next 30 minutes giving you he trade potential on the spot market of over 30 pips. This won’t happen every time price hits a resistance or support level, but if you play the averages this trade setup can work out great more times than not.

Pound Dollar Binary Trade

We did have a great week off for the last week in June and we are pretty excited to get back in the grove this week. A lot is happening in the binary markets. We will continue to make trades at Bank De Binary and 24 Option throughout the rest of the month and hopefully have a strong community stay active and continue to watch these videos and read the blog.

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