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Finish Off the Year Strong

We knew today would be slow across the board. Finding a trade didn’t take us long however. It was just after the US markets opened when we got in our call option at Traderush. Price had been pretty stagnant all day. The range was around 40 pips, so we were looking for a tight channel trade. We noticed an area that had a nice 5 minute wick and was forming an area of support. As the price came down to this level we entered on a slight extended move. It worked out really well for us on this final trading day of the year. [Read more…]

Google Stock Keeps Climbing

Trade Google StockIt has definitely been a good year for Google (GOOG). The stock started 2013 at around $700 per share and is currently at well over $1,100 per share with just a few days left to go in 2013. For the call binary options trader, this has been a dream. Profits have been steady and reliable pretty much the entire year, with a huge amount of gains seen during the month of October. The big question that traders of all sorts have for this stock, obviously, is whether or not the profits will continue. According to some analysts, the answer is a strong probably. Estimates on what earnings will be at have been very conservative pretty much all of 2013, but whether or not this will continue into the future is still up in the air. [Read more…]

Algae’s Impact on Oil Trading

The most highly traded commodity in the world is oil, and as such, there is often a lot of movement in its price on a daily basis. A lot of people are wondering this week, however, how the new process that can quickly convert algae into crude oil will affect the worldwide prices of oil–especially those interested in trading oil products. And while this process has been heralded with a lot of applause because of the potential impact this could have upon the environment, it really looks like it will have absolutely no bearing on the price of traditionally processed fossil fuels. [Read more…]

Keeping Your Brokers Honest

Getting Bank DataThe world of Forex trading is about to change, but will it last? The company Integral is planning on publishing second by second updates to how currency prices change in an effort to keep banks honest and to keep individual traders better informed. This service will be completely free at the end of each business day starting January 15th. [Read more…]

Where is Apple Stock Going

The off and on again most valuable company in the world–Apple–has recently received some information that might prove to be yet another setback in the stock pricing of the company. What was once one of their most prized draws is starting to lose a lot of ground. It’s no secret that the iPhone has been a huge moneymaker for Apple, but new reports indicate that Android devices are starting to make some big gains when it comes to the downloading of apps. This is especially true within foreign markets, but it is something that is likely to happen in the United States, too. Other big tech companies, such as Google, are beginning to grab up market shares when it comes to apps, and this means fewer sales for Apple. [Read more…]

Finding Good Trades after News

A news event got us rolling this morning on the markets. We were looking for 1.3742 all morning as we watched an 8:30 news report come out, pushing the markets up strongly on a five minute candle. It was the reversal move that gave us the entry a bit later. Price action is starting to consolidate and get a bit tighter as we hit the holiday week. This could lead to some false moves in both directions. Be sure to seek the trades you have more than above average confidence in. We’ve mentioned in another article, that during times of holidays and a lack of action, could lead to good trade setups not working. This means you have to be very particular on what you select. Don’t ignore good setups, but only take the best looking ones when possible.
[Read more…]

T-Mobile Acquired by Sprint?

Will t-mobile get bought by sprint?There is a rumor going around that Sprint is planning on buying T-Mobile in the near future. This is actually a very real possibility, so the effect that would be felt by traders and customers alike needs to be examined closely. Sprint (publicly traded under the symbol S) is currently the 3rd largest cell phone provider within the U.S. Recently, they were acquired by the larger company SoftBank, which has a reputation for picking up smaller companies. Well, apparently, one cell provider wasn’t enough, because now they are thinking about taking on T-Mobile, too. This would consolidate the number of major players within the U.S. and could have devastating results for customers. [Read more…]

US Dollar Taking Off Against the Yen

Trading the US DollarEarly on Friday morning, the U.S. dollar hit a five year peak against the Japanese yen in Asia’s trading market. This might not last long, though. The Fed is set to make some major decisions before the end of 2013, and this could have a powerful affect on the direction of the USD over the coming weeks. This meeting is taking place next week and it will likely be decided how the bond buying stimulus should be treated in the future. It is currently thought by experts that this process will be scaled back, but nothing is yet set in stone. [Read more…]

Where to Trade Bitcoins

How can you trade Bitcoins?Have you heard of the Bitcoin yet? If you haven’t you are way behind the times. The Bitcoin is a completely digital currency that was first established in 2009. Since then, it has grown considerably in value. The latest sign of this is the financial release that has come out recently from the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) that revealed that $65 million has been raised by this fund in the last two months. For a currency that is only four years old and has no tangible existence, that’s a pretty impressive number. [Read more…]

Plenty of Breakout Trades Today

We waited for a solid trade this morning. The markets were jumping and it wasn’t looking good for reversals. Yes, there were some moments, but not enough to put the odds in your favor. It wasn’t until price was stretching to the highs of the day before we decided to take a breakout trade. Price action was pushing to the 1.3800 in a big way. We were watching a few five minute candles start to consolidate near resistance three. Price was not above this point at entry. We then saw price break the level and got in with a call option at Traderush. [Read more…]

Following the Twitter Stock

Using Twitter as an AssetIt’s been a little over a month since Twitter (TWTR) debuted on Wall Street. The first day of stock sales were amazing. The IPO began at $26 per share, and soared up to over $44 by the end of the day. After that, very little progress was made with this stock, making it a nightmare for binary options traders looking to cash in on the quick action of a popular stock. Twitter had all of the makings of the next hot thing, but prices didn’t really move much for a few days. Finally, on November 25th, prices dropped down below $40 per share. Financial analysts have been looking for reasons why this stock has done so little, and some have even gone as far as to say that Twitter was the next Facebook, thanks to the lack of movement. [Read more…]

How Libya Affects Your Oil Trading

Trading Oil in the Binary MarketsRecently, it was revealed that Libya–the Middle Eastern nation–has recently lost the equivalent of $7 billion in oil revenues because of strikes. This has happened because workers have demanded more political power or a respectably higher amount of pay. So far, Libya’s government has not consented to grant either of these things. And the pressure is growing. There has been a big increase in competition from Nigeria and Algeria, and this has greatly exacerbated Libya’s dilemma. Oil production is currently over a million barrels per day lower than before the strike. [Read more…]

Using Support Areas on the Fly

We started to look at the markets soon after the highs of the day were reached. Price action was coming down to some areas of recent consolidation. It was also around the time when the US markets were about to open. We like to take trades before the US markets open, but as long as we have momentum building, it’s not a problem taking them after. In this case, we noticed how price action started to make two five minute consolidation candles. These candles allowed us to get in a call option at Redwood options. We used a previous support area as a trading guide. This allowed us to take a trade to the North Side and gave us almost 3 pips.

We were seeking a call option based on the momentum building to the north side of 1.3600. Price action had been climbing from pivot and consolidating along the way. We knew we needed a pullback to get in a call option on this particular trading day. [Read more…]

Binary Trading North Side

Price action was pushing to the north side this morning, but has pulled back since the highs of the day soon after our trade was over. We decided to take our trade around the 1.3542 level and by the time the trade closed out, we had a winner. We were watching price action climb to resistance two and gradually come back down to this trading area. It had formed several extended moves and this is when we started looking for our trade at Redwood options. Any time you’re consolidating before the US markets you can look for a trade within the channel and try to grab a good entry.

After our trade yesterday, price action gradually climbed up nearly 70 pips. This was the highs of today with a nice five-minute candle reversal at resistance two. Price fell off quite a bit after these highs were reached. Most Forex traders that were taking long trade at this level are now getting burned pretty bad. [Read more…]

Trading Puts in the Channel

We came into today looking for a trade in a tight trading channel. Any time you have a situation like this in the market, you have to pick wisely. We were able to look back on a five and fifteen minute chart to determine a channel that formed throughout the morning. Having the pivot in play also helped us determine this particular entry. Price had fallen below the whole number of 1.3500 and climbed up above the pivot. We decided to enter our trade on the most recent climb up to the pivot and took our put option at Redwood options. Without any pain, price started to drop in our favor back down to the whole number of 1.3500. This trade worked out by nearly 3 pips and allowed us to move on with our trading day in a stress free fashion.

We were watching the famous number of 1.3542, but price wasn’t near their at the time we were looking at the chart. [Read more…]