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Binary options trading is a difficult way to make money and they often entail a lot of risk. This is why having a demo account is so important. This is basically a risk-free way to trade in real time without actually using your money.

Is 24Option the Best Broker and Will the Demo Account Help Me?

Risk Warning – “Investors can lose all their capital by trading binary options”
You can simulate trades here to learn the craft or try out new strategies. Whether you are a new or
experienced trader, a practice account is a great way to get the screen time you need under your belt in order to help reduce the risk that is inherent to new traders. Listed below are Five Brokers that offer Demo Accounts.

How They Work

Binary options do not actually allow you to trade the assets you are dealing with. Instead, the assets are actually underlying assets; you are not trading them directly but rather trying to predict whether their price will go up or down. A trader doesn’t have to worry about taking ownership of an asset and this gives you a lot more freedom.

When you initiate a trade, you first choose an asset and a timeframe. If you want to choose Apple’s stock over a period of one hour, this is where you would make that decision. You are given the choice of whether you think the price will go up or down. You must next choose how much to risk. Once these factors are all accounted for, you push the button and execute the trade. Then you wait. If your prediction was correct at the end of the expiration time, you are given the previously agreed upon profit. If you are wrong, you lose all or a portion of your money.

24Option Demo

24Option is a great broker. You need to make a deposit here before you are eligible to use a demo account, but once you do your virtual account will have an unlimited amount of time and money that you can use to perfect your trading strategy. 24Option demo accounts have a large selection of underlying assets to choose from and they are all available for you to practice.


TradeRush has a demo account for their clients with only a limited amount of use allowed. Once you make a deposit, your demo account can be activated for a total of 36 hours. This isn’t really enough time to work the kinks out of your trading strategy, but it is enough time for new traders to figure out the basics of what they are doing. Learning the intricacies of trading is important and even though 36 hours is not a lot of practice time, it is enough to figure out how things work and how to best use the trading platform to your advantage. Get all the details about this TradeRush Demo Account setup.


OptionFair offers a free to use practice account to their clients for 72 hours. Once you begin, you don’t really have a lot of time, again, to perfect a strategy or teach yourself some new technique, but you do have more than enough time to learn how to use the platform. This knowledge might not seem important, but it really is. Demo trading in this atmosphere teaches you how to act quickly and without mistake. This is a fast paced environment and you don’t want to make a mistake or be left behind because of unfamiliarity with the trading platform. Find out what it takes to open an OptionFair Demo Account.

Banc de Binary

Banc de Binary ( is one of the top rated binary options brokers on the web. Their practice accounts are available after you make a deposit. You don’t need to pay in order to use the demo, but you do have to show that you are serious about trading there. If you decide that binary options are not for you or you don’t like the trading platform here, you can withdraw your money and be done. Banc De Binary Demo accounts are free to use, by definition. You get $50,000 fake dollars with which to practice and perfect your trading.

Banc De Binary Trading Screen

The Best Broker

There is no one best. Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are different, so naturally everyone will have different things that they are looking for with a trading site. If you are a new trader, it’s really important, however, that you use a broker for your demo trading that doesn’t have time requirements on how long the account can stay open. This doesn’t mean that you need to stick with that binary broker forever, but when you are just getting your feet wet, you will need more than a few days to really learn how to effectively trade in this new marketplace. Trading is tough, regardless of what you’ve hard, so being able to keep up within this marketplace is extremely important. You can’t do that without a good deal of practice under your belt.

Other Considerations

Opening an account does require an initial deposit in pretty much every case, but the benefits are well worth the out of pocket cost. The things you will learn through prolonged virtual trading are going to benefit you for your entire career. Here you can make the mistakes and errors that you would naturally make learning this type of trading, but in a risk-free setting.

Some sites on our radar that we’ve been following will be listed below. These sites are dedicated to finding you the best choice.


Binary Options Demo accounts provide an invaluable service to both new and experienced traders alike. If you want to learn how to trade, or just want to brush up on your practice with a new platform, you need to heavily consider using one. The risk that you are taking on is nonexistent; even if you have to make a deposit to open one. You can always not use the deposited money and withdraw it. This is free of charge in most cases. Don’t make mistakes because you haven’t practiced enough. You can easily remedy this problem before it begins.

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