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We kicked our Tuesday off with a nice winner after the US markets opened. We’ve had a pretty good few days of trading and we were hoping to have another good day today. Last week we saw winners of over 20 pips on two different occasions. This allowed us to take the simple trade the rest of the week and focus on really good setups. Today we noticed price action chopping around the pivot level. Yesterday we had a huge gap up on the EURUSD. This allowed price action to fill the gap over the course of the afternoon and evening last night. Prices have been hanging around the pivot level and any time it gets away from this price point it has a tendency to come back.

This is where we decided to take our trade today September 17, 2013. We watched price action come from just above the pivot. It eventually pushed through pivot level where we entered our trade at GToptions. Price immediately climbed up in our favor before pushing back down once again. We did get in this trade fairly early, however by getting in early we did get a better fill. Price eventually moved up to the north side giving us a nice five pip winner for today’s trade of the day. The grinding trades on a choppy market are the ones you feel most grateful for when they are done. When you get 20 pips on a trade things are very easy. When you get 3 to 4 pip winners you know you’re working much harder. Hopefully price action starts to make bigger moves and allow us to take better trades next week.

In the image below you can see the price action forming two solid wicks above the pivot level. This could’ve been the trade of the day had you been watching the charts earlier. Price action attempted to climb the Wick five hours prior to the previous wick and fell off in a nice fashion. It was this move that allowed us to get in our pivot level trade. We watched price come through pivot and we jumped on the trade just below that line. Notice the green arrow pointing to the North Side. This is the candle we entered on. Although we did not get the bottom of this trade, we did catch it with enough room to give us a winner by the time the trade closed out. Price eventually climbed up a little bit further at the close, but at 10:00 a news event occurred making the EURUSD drop below our entry level and made new lows for the day. Although we were already out of this trade, price has come back up to the pivot level once again and will start consolidate most likely for the day. If you are just starting out your day today please be careful with your trading and only take the best trade setups possible.
Pivot Trades are the Best
We will be trading tomorrow which is hump day and we’ll look for the best trades possible. Price action has been fairly weak over the past couple of days after the gap up. It should start to see bigger moves by next week and hopefully we can take some nice setups. Until then, we will look for the best setups possible and while being aware of our risk going forward. We will not force trades and we will not over trade, so make sure you keep your trading in check. This will allow you to save money over the long run and trade much longer. If you have any questions about trading the binary options market you may ask any time using the comment section below or on the YouTube channel.

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