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Boss Capital

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Boss Capital ( is a brand new binary option broker, founded in 2014. They have a unique take on the binary option, allowing their clients to trade with more assets than pretty much every single other broker out there. The site was created especially for experienced traders, but they are certainly not limited to this. And while the rest of the binary options world offers 80 or 81 percent return on their normal trades, Boss Capital has a return of up to 85 percent on a regular basis. There site average hovers just under 80 percent, which is one of the highest averages that currently exists since the usual is under 75 percent. These little differences have put them at the forefront of the industry, despite the fact that they have only been around for a few months.

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Asset Choices

Like pretty much every other binary options broker in existence, Boss Capital offers a selection of stocks, indices, Forex currency pairs, and commodities from around the world. The biggest difference here is that fact that this broker offers a lot more than their competition. Most other brokers offer between 80 and 100 different assets. There are a few that go higher than this, but Boss Capital has well over 200 different assets at any given time. A lot of them are international stocks and indices that many other brokers simply avoid altogether. You can trade Amazon or Microsoft everywhere, but Boss Capital is one of the few places that have stocks like Pfizer, Rio Tinto, and ICICI Bank. These are well known companies, but because binaries are usually so selective, it is very rare that you see them traded in this format.

Trade Choices

Another distinction is the fact that Boss Capital has a wide array of options for you to take advantage of. You can find the usual call/put options everywhere that has binary options, but a lot of other, more “exotic,” options can be more difficult to find. Here, they offer both one touch and boundary trades, along with 30 second, 60 second, 2 minute, and 5 minute short term options. They have pretty high rates for their ultra short term trades, usually around 67-68 percent. The combination of all of these can be almost impossible to find elsewhere, helping you to further streamline your trading in this manner, too.
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Furthermore, they have a big selection of high yield trades, both boundary and one touch. These can be tough to get right, but when you are correct, the bigger profits will be worth it.


One thing that the more experienced binary options traders will find is that the experience at Boss Capital is a little more user friendly than other brokers. Yes, you have a simplistic trading platform, all web based, but most others do this now, too. However, there are a few little things that you will notice that make life better. For example, you can find that there is a news tab right on the trading interface that you can click on without any interference with the trading screen.

Something else that you will find helpful here is the fact that your trade history and all of your open trades are also prominently displayed at all times, even when you’re looking at a specific screen for an individual asset.

Customer Service

Demo Account at BossThis broker has a great customer service department; something that you will not even think about until you actually need it. Just look at how to create an account, for an example of this. Most other brokers offer the big three currencies as a base: the U.S. dollar, the euro, and the Japanese yen. Boss Capital has a starting choice of seven different currencies, making it easier to create an account regardless of what part of the world you live in. And, if you ever need help, it’s really easy to get in touch with a real person. Their Live Chat feature is especially useful to get help in real time.

Boss Capital has a Simple $200 Deposit Minimum to Get Started

The Bottom Line

Boss Capital doesn’t offer anything revolutionary, but they do offer a lot more than every other broker out there. Including a Demo Account, they have higher rates of return, they have more assets, more trade choices, and a quick customer service department. It’s not new, but it’s all there in one place, and that in itself is new. Boss Capital might be a brand new site, but they look like they have a lot of potential.