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Feeling the Binary Groove

After several days of tough trades it was nice to have one work so well. In fact, this trade never saw an ounce of pain. A pure call option to the north side. The past few trades had seen a lot of pain up until the last minute. This trade played the complete opposite role moving up right out of the gate. We didn’t see red or anything against us the whole time. This was a great way to end the week and allows us to go into the weekend with a positive attitude.

Price was set up on the most recent move to the South side; through the 1.3200 level. We noticed how price reached the low at support level one and formed a nice wick on a 5 minute chart. Price then started to climb back up before pulling back down once again, making a higher low. Price did the same thing, making another higher low. The third time we decided to take our call option as price started to consolidate at a higher low once again. We saw one wick and traded the next one giving us a nice move up, seeing over 10 pips in our favor at one point and closing eight pips in the green. Not bad since the last three trades were rough.

A couple of candles after the trade was complete price dropped off pretty heavy. Around 10:00 this morning price had a jumper candle of nearly 30 pips to the south side direction caused by a news event. This made a new low for the day pushing through support level one. Price has since climbed back up all the way through our entry level on today’s trade. It continues to move north back up to the 1.3200 level. This trade was taken at 24 option today and you can find out more about 24 option right here.

In the image below you can see the green arrow of where we took our trade on the 5 minute chart. Price comes down for the third time making a higher low from the previous attempts. We took our call option and within a second our price moved up in the green and didn’t look back. Price has since dropped off a bit more, but has come back all the way to entry several hours later. This was a decent set up after several days of tough trades and we’ll look for these trades going forward.
Binary Trading Higher Lows
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