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Google Stock Keeps Climbing

Trade Google StockIt has definitely been a good year for Google (GOOG). The stock started 2013 at around $700 per share and is currently at well over $1,100 per share with just a few days left to go in 2013. For the call binary options trader, this has been a dream. Profits have been steady and reliable pretty much the entire year, with a huge amount of gains seen during the month of October. The big question that traders of all sorts have for this stock, obviously, is whether or not the profits will continue. According to some analysts, the answer is a strong probably. Estimates on what earnings will be at have been very conservative pretty much all of 2013, but whether or not this will continue into the future is still up in the air.

Still, there are a lot of indications that Google will keep growing. It is by far the most popular search engine on the web, and 2013 was a good year as far as getting Google mobilized for increasing earnings. Things like Google+ have been a big benefit as it has allowed Google to capture a small share of the social media market and become more user friendly for their loyal and prospective customers. Advertisers love this platform and they are very likely to keep paying for these services.

The reality of the situation, however, is that Google can still be quite treacherous for most binary options traders, though. Yes, it’s pretty tough to lose money on this stock in the long run, but if you break it down in a very short term picture, even if the general trend is upward, something like a 60 second trade could have an almost 50/50 split on what direction the stock is headed in. October, although a very good month for the stock, has strong implications of this. In just one day, the stock jumped almost $130 per share in price. The point is, if price can fluctuate this much in one day, there will likely be plenty of days where prices drop in a rather significant way. This is one of the inherent dangers of binary options, so it is definitely worth acknowledging.

Watch Google Stock RiseIt also brings to light something that can be quite profitable, too. The high yield trades–even with a major stock like Google–can be lucrative at times. In something like a boundary trade, where a price limit is estimated, if an asset is prone to big movements, a high yield trade can become a good idea. Obviously this won’t hit for a profit often, but Google’s behavior this year shows that even something steady and with a high volume can have potential here. These trades can have 300 percent profits or more, so you don’t need to be right a lot here, but a handful of good trades can have superb results.

To have best results with something like a Google, there are some things to remember. One, always trade with the dominant trend. High volume means less deviation from the norm. The more shares that are exchanged, the more the stock (or whatever type of asset it is) will act like it’s supposed to act. High volume assets have less unpredictability. This, however, can change with point number two. Always pay attention to the news. When big news hits, prices can change suddenly and sometimes before the brokers offering things like high yield trades can change their terms. If you are paying attention and quick to act, you can get in on trades before they disappear and ensure that your profits are as big as possible. Trading the news is fast paced, but it can have big results, even with a huge stock like Google.
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