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Huge Binary Trading Winner Today

Yesterday we got off to a slow start on the binary options market going against the trend that was pretty strong to the north side. The lesson learned in this case was when the markets are moving firmly to one direction, it’s best to stick with that direction on pullbacks and other setups. We were fortunate to catch one of the last moves back down against the trend before the price action pushed up to new territories. We watched the price close out at the last second and then pop up nearly 100 pips after our trade was closed. Fortunately for us, we learned our lesson and took a solid trade on the EURUSD.

We noticed a nice trade setting up up up 1.3242 number. Price had been touch and go at this level before hitting it earlier this morning. We noticed how price was trying to move up to new highs just above the one 1.3242 level and this is when we decided to take our call option at trade rush. We were waiting for price to come down to this line, but we entered our trade just after the new expiry started. We rode this trade for 14 minutes and after the first few seconds we had huge green trade in our favor. Price moved up on the next two 5 minute candles over 20 pips giving us one the best trades we’ve seen in a while.

The image below shows the price action hanging around 1.3242. Notice how price eventually made it back down to pivot. Price then climbed back up to this level creating a small shelf of consolidation and that’s when we entered our trade. Notice the green arrow pointing up on the chart. This was our entry candle and price moved up 20 pips and is continuing to climb to new highs as we write this article. There may be some price action put option potential setups at resistance one. Be careful not to get stuck completely against the trend and try to take the best pullback setups possible. Should you see momentum continue to build to the North Side avoid all put options until we start to stabilize. There will most likely be more trades in both direction on Wednesday, but for now, it’s best to let the market do its thing.
Best Trade in a while
We were pretty excited to find this trade today and we will continue looking for these trades going forward. We are getting into the fall trading session and price action should start to pick up. It may take a couple more weeks before we see some really nice moves. It may take a significant news event to really get the markets moving in one direction. We will continue to create videos and trade the best setups possible. Please make sure you participate on the YouTube channel and on the website. The more information we can get to you the better it will be.

We also wanted to mention that we will be trading with a new broker in the future. We will have a complete review of this broker as well as some information you may not know about. A lot of people are looking for the best places to trade and we continue to find these spots on a daily basis. With so many brokers to choose from we want to break it down to just a few for you guys to use. You can always ask us how to get started on the binary options market and we’ll be more than willing to help you out.

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