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Huge Gains Using Forex BlackBook

This is more than a review of the Forex Blackbook Software. We want to show what happened with our most recent trades on several different currencies. We’ve spoken to Dustin Pass about creating this page and video. He was totally fine with it and expressed that the truth is the most important thing when it comes to trading software. By the time you are done reading this you’ll understand the power of this software.
Forex Trading Black Book
Although we are a binary options trading site, Forex plays a huge roll in what we do. We will continue to trade binaries on a daily basis, but this is one Forex software that we would mention on any trading site. Make sure you check out our trading videos on the YouTube Channel for the latest trade we took.

It’s now time to dig in and see what happened when we used the Forex Black Book. We’ve seen dozens of products come our way in the past, but for some reason the simplicity of this made perfect sense. It takes away a lot of emotion and keeps you in the market when the big moves occur. It’s the big moves that make you the most money.

***Warning*** to all Day Traders. This is not a product that gets you into 10-20 trades a day. This is the opposite. This software gets you in the market at the most prime spots. It doesn’t look for 10-20 pips. It is seeking big moves of 100, 200, 300 or more pips per trade. Would you rather take 100 trades that make you a break even trader or 5-10 trades that make you 1000 Pips? Pretty simple to answer. The Forex Black Book will let you trade smart and continue with whatever else you may have going on.

Let’s break down some of the trades that were taken this week alone. We mentioned in a previous blog post how huge gains were made on some of the pairs, but these were actual trades taken on a Demo Account at World ProFX. We also mentioned how we are beta testers, so we didn’t want to trade with real money until we knew it was working first. Hopefully that makes sense.

***Critical Issue*** Unfortunately for us, we don’t have access to the Forex BlackBook Trade Finder Software yet. All we have right now is the working indicator. This alert software would have given us pure entries increasing our pip totals by a lot. You will see on the screen shots below. Even with four late entries and leaving A LOT ON THE TABLE, we are still amazed with the results.

The first trade was taken on the EURJPY. Notice the trend was green by the bars on the bottom. During a green trend on the FTD_Trend indicator we only look for GREEN arrows, which are long trades. Each green arrow will occur at the start of the new 4 hour candle. In this case, you see how the price opened up around 118.88. We weren’t ready to take this trade at the opening since we didn’t look at our trade-station to see the signal. This is where the Tradefinder software is going to really come in handy.

We didn’t enter a long trade until the next candle at 119.84. 100 pips from our best possible entry location on the prior candle. The image gives you an idea of what happened over the next two days. Price jumped over 370 pips. We also didn’t follow the rules on this one since we were just test things out. We exited the whole trade at 120.98, giving us 100 pips. Had we stuck with the rules, of exiting only 1 mini/micro/standard lot, we would have been able to get the other 170 or so pips. Lesson Learned. The statement will show the 4 micro lots when we actually meant to take 4 mini lots. This is not as important as the trade working the way it did.

Forex Black Book Software on the EURJPY

Notice our late entry after the green arrow giving us a huge two day move.

The second trade we took was on the EURNZD. Although this pair has wide spreads, it doesn’t matter when you are looking for the monster moves. This was another trade that we jumped on late. However, this time we were able to get out at the high of the day.

EURNZD Forex Trade Using the Black Book Software

This was a monster move in such a short period of time.

Although it may still keep going we got completely out. The green arrow occurred at 1.5889. We didn’t get in until 1.5968. This was another 80 pips of potential profit missed without being ready. This time we did take 4 mini lots. This trade in two days gave us 80 pips on 2 mini lots and 140 pips on the remaining two lots. Dustin has rules for taken profits and we are still working on following them. We also will use our stop losses should the trade go against us. The next two trades we focus on have more proper entries.

CADJPY Trading on the Forex Market

We closed out for profit and we’ll see what the rest does.

The third trade we got in on was the CADJPY. Our entry was very close to the opening of that 4 hour candle where the green arrow is located. We sold two micro lots at 103 pips profit and our other two mini lots are still open. It should be interesting to see how this plays out next week.

The last Forex Blackbook trade we took was on the AUDJPY. Like the CADJPY we got in close to entry of the green arrow. We took two micro mini lots off the table with 87 pips in profit and have the other two lots still open.

AUDJPY Traded using the FX Black Book

Profit in the bank and we now wait and see what happens with the bonus.

Overall, we’ve seen 100’s of pips of profit. Had we traded all these the way we were supposed to, we may be over 700 pips in profit in three days. You can see in the statement below what the entries were and the exits. It also shows the trades that are still open.

We know this is a lot of information to digest, but once you watch the video and start understanding what this software product does you will have the power to trade it yourself. It is really easy to follow and with the trade finder it will be so simple.

As we continue to watch this indicator make money, we will keep you posted on the results. Remember there are trades from early January that are just closing now with over 700 pips in profit on one currency pair. This is truly some great price action. If you have any questions let us know.

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