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Trading is Interesting

We decided to take our trade this morning using their 10 min. options. It was a pretty successful trade although we felt a little bit of pain throughout. We will continue to switch between 24 option and Bank De Binary, as long as the payouts stay around the same will most likely lean towards 24 option at this point.

This trade set up came on a pullback of a pretty significant move around news time at 8:30 AM this morning. We took a support level which was an old resistance level and tried to get the bounce from that price. The price then moved up in our favor by two pips to close out the trade in a winning direction. We did Get in on this trade with only 3 min. left in the trade itself which is something that Bank De Binary offers its traders.

Although this trade did work out and it’s actually moved up significantly more to the north side since our entry it was quite evident that the price trend for the day was up. When looking for your trades using the trends always helps when making solid decisions. We will look in both directions assuming that price action is playing a role in the particular trade.

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