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By waiting patiently you will discover a lot more opportunities when trading no matter which market you are looking at. Today, we noticed the flat futures on the US market and the fairly flat market on the EURUSD. As price was climbing to recent highs this is where we decided to take. It didn’t take long for price action to move up to these highs and it didn’t take long for the price to drop off in our favor.

When times are slow it is imperative to wait for the setups. We were watching how price was climbing up to the resistance one area off the pivot level. Price had one big five-minute candle that moved up and then had pulled back for the next 10 minutes. Price than began to rise once again and this is we entered our put option. Price moved down continuously in our direction immediately after entry. Price got down about 15 pips to the south side direction before forming a nice solid 5 minute wick. Price has since climbed up past the entry point once the US markets opened up. It is now hitting resistance two.

In the image below you can see the green arrow where we entered our trade. Notice how price action formed to the North Side and gave us a put option at the highs of the day. Due to the fact that price wasn’t really moving to strongly gave us an opportunity for the put option before the US markets opened up. Knowing the US futures were opening up flat and the EURUSD was flat, gave us a positive feeling on this south side trade at the highs. Price could consolidate if not climb to the whole number of 1.3600 where it could consolidate for the rest of the day. At this point in time we are in a waiting period seeking more information for the markets to react to. Once we have a better idea of what is happening in the US and around the world we’ll be able to take more distinct trades. Until then, we will focus on the price action that’s in front of us.
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The rest of the week we’ll trade the EURUSD price action that’s in front of us. We will not force any trades at this particular time as price action will most likely whipsaw at certain times. This will help us conserve our money and manage our risk. Always manage your risk and understand what’s involved when trading. This doesn’t matter if you are trading the binary options market or any market for that matter. If you don’t understand the risk of trading it’s best to figure this out first before you put your money into a broker. Once the money is in the broker you will most likely want to take a trade and hopefully at this point you will have a better understanding of how the markets work. Will be back tomorrow with some more trading so be on the lookout for some nice consolidation and breakouts.
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