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Moving Up at the Whole Number

This trade had whole number written all over it. Over the past year we’ve been talking about whole numbers as a solid trading catalyst for your binary and Forex trades. Today, we had a great set up at the whole number 1.33000. Price had been drifting downward over the course of the night and early morning. As price came down to the whole number it decided to form a nice 5 minute candlestick wick. This is where we started looking for our call option at We did have our Metatrader charts going and our alerts were set. Price action pushed the price through the whole number which led us to our trade of the day.

As price formed a solid candle at the whole number we entered our call option at Stockpair. Price went against us by a couple of pips but over the course of the trade, it did move up, giving us a nice close winner. Although price fluctuated a little bit at our strike price, we did have a 10 minute window for the trade to end. In the last couple of minutes, price did stay above our level and continue to drive upward after the trade was over. These are the types of trades you seek on a Friday and hope you can go into the weekend with a nice winner. Always remember your risk before taking the trade and have a couple of things working for you like we did today. It makes a huge difference.

The chart below shows the trade of the day plus the price action that ensued afterward. Notice the green arrow pointing up at the entry point. Price moved against us by a few pips, but by the time price closed the candle was in our favor. As you can see from the price action on the chart, it kept moving up, 40 points from our entry. This would’ve made a great Forex trade for not only a short-term daily trade, but also a long term holding type of trade. This has the potential to move up to new highs next week. If you only shed a portion of your lots this particular Forex trade could be making a good amount of money next week. These are the types of trades we will seek on our Forex trading site, as well with our binary options trading.
Using the whole number

We decided to use stockpair today for our trading broker. You can learn more about them on They’ve been around for quite some time and they accept US traders. Although the payouts are not that great on the low time frames. The higher time frames have a nice percentage payout for those who like longer-term trades. We will continue to use StockPair and mix it up with the other brokers that we use. If you have any questions about this particular broker or anything else for that matter, please ask below or on the video channel. We hope you have a great weekend and we’ll talk to you next week.

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