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Non Farm Binary Trade

Trading on Non-farm payroll can be quite rewarding if you know what you’re doing. News trading has a lot of potential for making significant moves on the markets. Once the news is out we usually wait around 30 minutes before making any new trades on the binary options market. This gives enough time for the information to digest inside the traders minds and open up new opportunities for new trades.

This binary option trade we took today was based on the move after the news came out. We noticed the price moved against the euro right out the gate, although the news was bad for the US. Within a few minutes the price then moved back up past the entry point. This led us to believe that the markets wanted to take the euro higher than the US dollar. Once we saw this move go past the price of initial news announcement we searched for a good spot to take a call option to the north side.

After a couple bars of consolidation we entered our call option. This trade started off against us for about 3 to 4 minutes but had a sudden reversal in our favor by 13 pips. Closing eight pips in our favor by the time the expiry was over. Finding these trades and breakout areas are always nice because once breakouts do occur they usually occur with significant moves. This move was pretty solid not to mention that over the past hour after the video was recorded the price had moved up past the pivot, and all the way up to resistance number two. This made a pretty strong move on the spot option markets or anyone trading a longer term binary trade. A great way to end the week. Here is a more recent NFP trade we took.

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