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Slow market conditions continue today which made it difficult to find a solid trade this morning. We did however find our put option trade after price pushed through pivot. Price soon moved back up towards the pivot area where we took our put option and won by 1/10th of a pip. We continue to stay patient and only trade solid setups especially in the price action we’ve seen over the past week. This is probably one of the slowest weeks we’ve seen in some time and it will most likely continue until after the Labor Day weekend.

As price fluctuates only a small amount it is hard to determine a good solid range or if price is extended to a location where a trade can be taken. If you watch yesterday’s video you could see how we in a tight range which led us to several setups for trading binaries. This type of range is decent to trade when markets are slow.

Today’s trade was taken at TradeRush using the option Pro platform. This charting and trading mechanism allowed us to create a pretty solid video which included everything you needed when trading binary options. Beginning with the price action chart, we also had the entry price our position all in one spot. This allowed us to this watch exactly what was happening on the Trade Rush screen as well as on our metatrader platform. We defintely look at MT4 chart for entries, but of course we need to see our actual position when in the trade.

We are quite impressed with the trading platform we used today, which we plan to use in the future as well. If you have any questions about TradeRush or any platform for that matter please use the contact form and we would be more than willing to help you guys out.

The image below shows exactly what was happening over the course of the day. As you can see from the chart below price is pretty much hanging around the pivot point. It tends to extend only by 20 to 30 pips and then come back to it at some point. Prices are definitely gravitating towards the pivot and that is something to consider and please write down in your notes for the future. If you see price action move away from a pivot especially if it hits a resistance one or support one it’s best to take the opposite direction allowing the price to come back towards the pivot area.
Pivot Gravity
We will continue to take similar trades in the opposite directions assuming there’s no significant trend formed. Once a trend has been formed we will go back to our normal trading methods of extended moves and looking for continuation around certain support and resistance areas. Until this happens, please stay alert and only take solid setups.

We also created a New Trader Guide, so be sure to check that out if you are new to Binary Options.
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