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Perfect Pivot Trading

When you wait patiently for the trade set up to occur, good things will happen. Today, we set an alert around 8:30 AM this morning around the price of the pivot point on the euro USD. It was around 9:15 when this price alert triggered and gave us our first entry for a put option on the binary markets. During this 45 min. stretch before making this trade I was able to do other things and not have to worry about finding a particular trade.

Once the trigger hit, I immediately sprung into action and placed my put option at 24 option about one PIP above the pivot line. Within about 5 seconds the price was in the money and never looked back. This trade had dropped around eight pips at the close and by the end of the hour the price had dropped to number 20 pips. There were a lot of things working in this trade ahead of time for this to be a perfect set up.

The overall trend on the euro has been down. Today’s trend didn’t show much of any direction so a put or call option was available at any given time. We had risen from support level I over course of about an hour and the trade announced itself. If you are new to trading this is one of those traits you should try to repeat over and over again. This happens more often than you think and has a pretty good win ratio when you take the trade.

This is also the case where there is no question about whether to take the trade or sit on your hands. There was nothing going on in the news and the US markets were not even opened yet. This is the time when you can take reversals or bounces and get a quick binary option trade and start your day on the winning side.

The first chart image shows you how the price moves up the pivot and then dropped perfectly in our favor. Using this image and the video will give you a clear understanding how to trade pivot points and how to really make a good income trading these lines.
EURUSD trade on May 17th 1012

This next image shows how the price then moved down to the Support line and bounced perfectly for the call option trade. Don’t always take these secondary trades, but until there is a decisive direction this is one you could trade.
Using Support for our Trading

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  1. Rich, this is something I want to learn better. How to set alerts and how to notice the trends better. Can you give me any advice?

    • Keep watching the videos and download a metatrader chart package. You can literally get it anywhere. Learn to set alerts at price points that you feel will work out.

      • I currently use an I like it because it’s web based and I can use them from anywhere. But how do I know what price is right? Do I look at resistance and support lines and pivot points? I currently have a strategy that I use and would like to share to see if anyone else can make money with it. Or if someone can improve it.

        • How do you know which price is right. You have to determine the pivots and SR on your own. I’m not sure about Freestockcharts.

          Please share a write-up of your strategy and we can post it on the site for comments and suggestions. People are always interested in hearing about potentially good setups.

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