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Playing the 1.3542 Level Again and Again

After a decent Martin Luther King Junior trade yesterday, we were able to find another great set up. Although we missed the best trade of the day by an hour, we were able to take the 1.3542 on the fourth attempt. We got in near the top of the candle, which was also around the pivot line. This gave us enough wiggle room for price action to test the highs of the day. We also had over 12 minutes to go when we got in this trade. Price action at Redwood options moved in our favor immediately. We closed out the trade with a nice winner for this Tuesday.

When looking for a trade, you try to find the best area possible on the charts. Support and resistance will tell you a lot of things that happened throughout the day. Of course, these areas are meant to be broken. However, if you can find a solid spot like the 1.34542, things should work out. We noticed that this was happening all morning and we felt like it was the best trade area of the day. It has now hit the 1.3542 for the fifth time and will most likely close out a winner for both a Forex trade and binary option trade. We like these kinds of trades and we will look forward to taking this price level once again.

Notice in the image below how price action came up to the 1.3542 and the pivot level on four occasions. Our green arrow shows our entry which gave us a bit of pain in the middle, but in the end. it pushed down much further. This is the type of price action you look for on a daily basis. Price action dropped down to support level one at one point, before climbing back up to the pivot. When you have a combination of a pivot level and a 1.3542 level, things are definitely on your side. We talk about finding things that will work for you and the catalysts involved. In this case, we had several catalysts working for us, which allowed us to be more confident in the trade. We not only had the 1.3542 level, but we also had the pivot level, and recent highs were not getting past this price point. When you have a price action trade like this, with so many things on your side, you can go a bit bigger on your trade. We will most likely see price action fight at this level for the rest the day and possibly the week. Price should get down to the 1.350 level at some point today or tomorrow.
Finding a Trade today was easy

We will continue seeking the best trades throughout the week and also continue making our videos. If you have any questions about these trades, it’s best to ask in the comment section below or on the YouTube channel. If you are still looking for a binary options broker to open an account with, you can also ask us any questions you may have. The charts may change up pretty soon, but for the most part, everything else will stay the same. There is plenty of price action to trade on a daily basis, so be ready for the next big one.
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