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What Happens Today

It wasn’t until after our trade that the price on the EURUSD dropped significantly to the downside. We notice how price was below the pivot this morning and wasn’t showing much strength for us to take call options. We did however Miss a solid trade which would’ve been a call option at support one level, but we were unable to take the trade. At around 9:15 we did notice the price start to rise up back into resistance and that is where we took our put option. The price held and consolidated before dropping in our favor within the 3 min. we had on this trade. We had very little pain for the trade of the day.

With the price below pivot we decided to consider put options unless something significant set up for us. This trade was pure price action and if you watch the video below you can see how the price had just moved up to areas of resistance over the past our. This resistance area was perfect for a put option and since then the prices dropped nearly 60 pips only an hour after our trade was completed.

The chart below shows a trade that occurred approximately one hour prior to getting in our put option trade. You can see how the price came down hit support one right on the money and continued to the North Side which would’ve been a solid call option. Whether you are taking the 6o second option, 10 min. option, or a 15 min. option this would’ve been a perfect trade set up at any of the Binary brokers online.

Support Binary Trade

These are the type of setups we seek on a daily trading basis. You look for solid support and resistance and take the trade based on price action. If you are not comfortable with a particular trade, skip it and move on to the next one. Sometimes when the price is really weak you may now want to trade one direction or another. Eventually trading will come down to feeling and watching emotions on the charts. You can see where the fights are being held and the battlegrounds are won. Once you determine who the winning you can then make a better decision in your trading.

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