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Although this wasn’t a super fast trade like a 60 second option, it did feel like time flew on this one. This trade happened so fast, we weren’t even able to get our recording software opened in time. We actually had to enter the trade and then open up the software. This doesn’t happen too often, but we saw set up occur took advantage of it as soon as possible. We took this trade 24 option and it only had about 8 seconds left for us to get in. Here is a previous trade. With 5 minutes to go, the trade worked out well giving us a winner to start off our week.

We watched how the EURUSD was forming a nice range from below pivot line to our purple line of 1.3400 and back down again. Price had nice setups throughout the morning, but it was this set up we took, based on a couple of wicks on the 5 minute chart. Price bounced off one the wicks moving to the north side and that is how our trade closed. We look for an entry just below the pivot on the wick, but got in just above it and price went against us by a couple of pips. In the end, price finished to the North Side closing above our entry. This made our call option a solid winner today.

The image below shows a few setups that occurred this morning. We placed a few red arrows pointing down and one pointing up. You can see how price went hard at the 1.3400 level on a 5 minute chart. This gave you a nice put option set up in the middle of the night or early morning depending on where you’re located. Price then moved down to the pivot line forming a nice little consolidation area just below. We then watched price move back up through the 1.3400 level, hitting resistance one. This formed a nice wick again making a nice put option or short Forex trade. As price came down to the pivot once again we then looked for a call option after an extended move through this level. Price then bounced to the North Side a couple of pips setting up some winners. Price has since dropped to the south side, down near lows of the day and could hit support level one before moving back up. We have seen several days of down word movement on the euro dollar and at some point we’ll see another bounce to the North Side. Stick with the trend, but keep an eye out for the big reversal in case it shows up.
Nice Setups in February
We will continue trading during the week on the euro dollar and maybe bring in another asset as well. Keep an eye out for Forex Black book going live this week. If you have any questions about brokers or anything let us know. We are working on several different things and hope to have them up and running relatively soon.

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