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This week has been very interesting based on the price action we saw last week. If you remember on Friday we watched price move up pretty significantly. However, this week we’ve watched the price fall a good chunk on the EURUSD. Price has faded and also held its ground during this move down. It wasn’t until today where price decided to try to go back up to the North Side. Price gravitated a couple times this morning and has risen to resistance one on several occasions. This is where we decided to take our trade and in this case it was a put option.

Four hours prior to taking this trade we watched price rise from pivot and hit resistance one. Price then formed a wick candle at the top or should I say extended move of the resistance area. We watched how price rose again from pivot all the way past resistance one one more time. We were seeking our trade at this point and took our put option on the binary options market. We noticed a couple of catalysts working for us already including the southerly trend this week and resistance on the hourly chart. Price moved down around 10 pips at one point before rising back up about 5 pips. It then faded another six pips closing out as an 11 pip winner. This was a solid trade for Friday to end our week on a solid note.

We’ve always talked about price action and how you can take particular trades at any time in the expiry. In this case, we got in this trade only a couple minutes after the trade area began. We had to ride this thing out for 13 minutes which allowed price to move several times in both directions. When this happens it’s best to have a real solid set up like we had today. Had we gotten in on this particular trade with only 6 minutes to go it probably would’ve never hit an area that was against us. Always seek the best opportunity and always consider the timing of the trade and what is happening in the overall market.

We took this trade 24 options today and felt really good when it was closed out. The image below shares what we were looking at on a 5 minute chart. Notice how price moved up from pivot all the way to resistance one. It then formed a nice solid wick candle that reversed immediately all the way back down to the pivot area. This price then tried again when we entered our trade. Notice the purple line in the chart where we looked for a reversal. Although the price was at the beginning of the expiry we entered the trade and held on for the ride. These are the types of set ups we seek on a daily basis and if you do so as well you may be a lot more successful in the long run.
5 Minute Money Trade at 24options
Overall it’s been a great trading week. We did notice a couple days where it was slow, but things are definitely getting back to normal and we should see some nice movements next week as well. We are also considering another broker but have not committed to them yet. We’ve also created several articles about maximizing your profit and other trading strategy information that will help you in the long run. Always be on the lookout for our latest articles that get posted throughout the site.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the website please let us know and we will take them into consideration. If you don’t have a binary options broker account please let me know by writing a comment or sending a message using the contact form. This way I can help you get set up and you can feel comfortable knowing that your money is safe. All it takes is a quick line to get a hold of me and you should be feeling very good about your trading.
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