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Sticking with the Strong EURUSD Trend

By riding the trend, the binary options market trades become a lot easier to play. Once you decide to only take trend trades you will see your winning percentage go up. It’s amazing how trades will keep it close every time you are with the trend win or lose, but if you are against the trend, you will see strong moves go against you. This is why when we have the chance, we will follow these rules.

Our trade today was based on the EURO-Dollar consolidating just near resistance one. Price action had fallen off about 15 pips from the highs of the day. As price came down to an area of support that we witnessed several hours ago, we decided to take our call option. Price immediately bounced in our favor giving us a nice three Pip advantage at the start of the trade. However, we were in this trade on a 15 minute binary options trade Traderush. Price did go against us for a few minutes before consolidating right around our entry near the end of the trade. Price eventually moved up giving us almost a 3 Pip winner. Price extended higher on the next five minute candle to the North Side, but has fallen off ever since.

Price had made it almost back down to the pivot line after our entry. Price is now consolidating around our entry-level almost an hour and a half after our trade was taken. This shows you, that the trend to the North Side is very strong. Taking put options will work sometimes, but you have to be willing to suffer some pain if you take a trade against a strong Euro trend. Although price action has been consolidating around 70 pips, there were nice setups throughout the night, giving you as traders plenty of call options to take with this trend.

In the image below you can see a couple things working here. Notice the orange line, which we made as our support line from about six hours ago. This level was a holding line for price to come back down to for us to take call options. Price eventually got to this level during our entry and on a five minute candle. Price then bounced giving us the winner of the day. Price is still consolidating at this time and we will take call options on pullbacks until we see 1.3500 purple line get broken.
Stick with the EUR Trend
Whenever you have significant moves to one side or the other, you usually see consolidation days before the next move. This is what is happening on the euro dollar right now. Price has been moving so strongly to the North Side and is now taking a little bit of a respite before it’s next move. It will most likely hang around pivot or resistance one for the rest the day and we could see 1.3500 tonight or tomorrow. We of course as binary option traders will keep an eye on every move in the future.

We did a video and created a webpage about Forex Black Book yesterday and wanted make sure you guys see that. The video covers all the trades we took last week and how awesome this product could be. Please check it out soon for when it becomes available next week and of course let us know if you have any questions about it.

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