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Taking Trades Again

When you can start your morning on the right side of the market it can make your day that much better. Since yesterday, price has tested the 1.3200 level on three different occasions. This allowed us to look for trades around this price point and follow a trend that was starting to form. Price eventually pushed down to the pivot level and extended through this area. In a matter of time, price climbed again back up to 1.3200 level. We noticed several wicks forming on both five minute and 15 minute candles which allowed us to take a put option today using the GToptions platform.

Price was steadily climbing back up, but hitting a lot of resistance trying to get back up to 1.320 area. We noticed this area having a hard time on several different occasions and decided to take a put option just before the US markets opened up. We took our put option with about seven minutes left to go in the trade. Price immediately moved in our favor, but within a couple of minutes it had moved up against us by over two pips. By the final few minutes we saw two red candles move down in a perfect formation. This gave us a nice solid winner for today. Finding your spots is critical.

In the image below you can see a few things that occurred over the course of the day. On this 15 minute chart you can see our price action tested the whole number of 1.3200 on several different occasions before it pushed down to the pivot level. You can also see how our green arrow which is placed where we took our trade. This is the trade that worked out really well for us at GToptions. Notice how price powered through the whole number 1.3200. Since the close of our trade, price has pushed through this whole number and has made new highs at the resistance two area. Price is looking to hold above the whole number of 1.3200 for now. We will continue trading this chart based on five and 15 minute candles and only take the best ones possible.
15 Minute Price Action
We’ve been using GToptions for quite some time now. This was the first day we made a video with this broker and decided to share them with you. They provide a solid platform and excellent customer service. If you are looking for a broker outside the usual 24option, traderush and anyone else, GT could be the trading broker site for you.

We will continue trading all this week at all the different brokers that we are using. If you have any questions about trading binary options you can leave a comment below or on the YouTube channel. Keep an eye out for news releases this week and into next week. It could affect the overall currency markets and we want you to take the best trades possible. Avoid any false breakouts and try to take the trades that set up in your favor. Use several catalysts as a guideline for taking these trades.

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