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Trading a Juicy Move

We had a great trade at TradeRush to close out the week and also close out the month of September 2012. If you remember, we had an interesting start to the month with very limited movement on the binary markets. We noticed how price action was very soft and not too many pure setups were coming to us throughout the day. We stood our ground and waited patiently for each individual trade and in the and it really worked out in our favor.

Today’s trade at TradeRush was pretty clean and simple. We noticed price action had been moving up through resistance one and two, but not anything in a significant fashion. This led us to look into taking put options as well as call options if each came to us this morning. Price had recently reached a high and then attempted to push through that again. It failed two different times to get through that particular high which was the area we decided to take our put option.

Our entry was played out within about 4 minutes to go in the overall expiry. Price moved against us the first minute, but had a small cliff jumper that gave us a four pip winner. Any time we find a trade like this setup you have a couple of catalysts working for you. We were hoping that price action moves a little bit better in October, but will take this trade of the day for the last day of September.

You can see in the picture below how price action had moved up to some highs on the left side of the chart. Price action then fell off a bit. It then decided to make a little bit of an extended move through resistance one where it wicked on the candle. Wicks are always good to see in the area of resistance. This shows weakness in this particular movement. We then took our trade where the arrow points down on the chart. Notice how price then moved back up into this same area, but never officially pushed through. Price action had recently taken this all way down past the pivot and support level one reaching over 70 pips. We talk about taking spot option trades on the Forex market and this is just another example of how you can take a trade and have a long-term winner.
Juicy Trade at Trade Rush
This leads me into the next segment of what I wanted to talk about. When you are trading in the binary markets it is also good to have a Forex broker account. Forex trading will allow you to do a couple of things. Not only will it allow you to understand the Forex market overall, but it will allow you to take good setups in the Forex market for more money and better trades. If you are new to the Forex market, this is a great way to look at binaries. Notice how we’ve traded the EURUSD the past couple of months and this would have made you a better overall trader had you watched the Forex spot trading market at the same time.

I’ve always liked the Forex market and binaries has really opened up a lot of new trading ideas for me on the Forex market. I now take trades at areas of support and resistance and made longer-term trades allowing more profits in the bank. You can demo trade the Forex on almost any broker. It’s relatively easy to get set up and it may be something that will help you become a better binary option trader. Overall, the markets will continue to move and hopefully thrust a little bit more next month. We’ll have to trade what we see.

It’s been a great month of September and we look to continue our trades and videos next month. It’s been an honor creating these videos and blog posts and we’re looking forward to doing them in the future. If you have any comments or questions about binary brokers, strategies, or anything that might help you become a better trader please let me know.
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