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Trading a Support Line Ahead of the Curve

Getting started on Monday can be slow sometimes, but when you start your week with a winner it changes everything. Today we wanted to get started with a bang. After finishing up the binary options chart set up video and webpage we felt that it would be fitting to trade a setup using these lines. The trade was based on a downward move to support level one from the pivot area. We noticed how price had faded yesterday and then moved up through the night giving us a seesaw style of movement and led us to either a call or put option today.

Price moved down from the pivot level almost touching support level one. We took our trade just ahead of the line because momentum was still not known at this time. When you see this type of price action it gives you an open window to take a reversal trade or a trade that’s going against the current trend. We did end up with a few pips in our direction on this trade. Soon after our exit price on the EURUSD then moved back up to the pivot level. This movement completed over 27 pips from our original entry. Price then hit the pivot line and within a few minutes reversed back down towards that support level again.
Just like the other day where we had a back to back to back trade. This particular trade wasn’t necessarily one right after the other, but it did create the channel from support level one and the pivot line giving you multiple entries within an hour.

The image below shows the trade set up on a 5 minute chart. You can see how price moved down to the support level and then created a nice little wick on the long candle. Price then stair stepped back up to the pivot before forming a nice doji candle. Whenever you see a doji candle at a pivot line it’s a positive catalyst to trade the reversal at that particular time. We also used our alerts to tell us that these price action trades were developing. These alerts let us to take these trades without monitoring the charts throughout the morning. They give you more freedom without forcing bad trades.
A Solid Trade at Support Level One
The support and resistance page and video will now allow you to have access to what I see on a daily basis. Assuming you have everything set up properly you will look at the charts just like I do and find solid price action trades. Obviously, it will take you some time to find the same types of setups that I look for, but over time these particular trade setups will come to you. Please make sure you install everything correctly so you have everything working in the right way. The steps are pretty simple to follow, but if you have any questions please let me know.

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