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Trading Against the Trend is Interesting

We talk about taking trades in the binary markets with the current trend you are currently watching. Sometimes you find a trade that is developing based on price action that is setting up against the trend. Today was one of those days where price was moving to the South side coming close to support level three. As price moved down it was pretty choppy and did show some possible trades in the early morning hours. It wasn’t until around 10:30am EST where price moved down closer to the lows of the day which allowed us to take our trade.

We watched the price move down through a wick candle that occurred on a 15 min. chart several hours before. Price then created a new wick on the one minute candle in which we entered our trade. This was a call option going against the overall trend. We saw a few pips that worked against us, but soon after that price moved in our direction closing out with a six pip winner. Price has since consolidated within this channel that we took our trade. This low was hit two or three times before extending further south to the final support level.

In the chart below you can see how price moved down to support level three, but held on the line. You had a nice little wick form and price has moved up ever since. We talked about support level three in the video, being an area where you could take that line as a trade versus looking for an extended move. Price has been pretty soft over the past few days which allows you to potentially take this trade set up. Had we not taken in our trade originally we definitely would’ve taken the support three trade. Even if you are trading a spot option trade you were looking at over 20 pips in your favor.
Yummy Trade Setup
We will continue to look for trades like this all week, video them as well as document them on the website. If you have something you want to share on the want to share on the website or on the video channel please do so by contacting me and telling me what you want to talk about. We’ve created several articles over the past few days that were added to the website that you should check out.

Also we have plans to add two different languages to the website. These languages will allow a wider audience to learn the binary markets including Spanish-speaking and French speaking traders. There are still a lot of time for this to come about, but I want you guys to know we are working hard to make this community stronger. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll try to get back as soon as I can. Be sure to check out Thursday’s video for the binary options trade the day.

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