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Trading Binaries on a Friday

Today’s trade was definitely based on price action on the EURUSD. We noticed this morning that price had been up, but not enough to not consider put options. The trade we took today at Bank De Binary was triggered on a past consolidation area that was once a support level and then turned into a resistance point. As the price moved up into this location we took our put option seeking are trade the day. In the end we had a few pips a profit and it worked out well.

This week has been testy during our trade of the day setups. Most the trades came down to the last minute and never really had any sure winners out of the gate. We did start trading which is a little bit different than This is because we are trading 10 minute expiration times versus 15 minute trades. You can also get in with 3 minutes left in the trade at bank de binary versus the 5 minutes you need at 24 option.

During the upcoming weeks we will continue to trade both of these brokers and hope for the same results. Although the payouts are different there are trade-offs with both sites when it comes to picking a specific broker. If you have any questions about the two brokers that we trade with, please let us know and we’ll try to help the best we can. Watch a future trade we Took on a Friday

Just to update you on our 60 second option trading. Things are going pretty well, however we did see one day that wasn’t too favorable. One day this week we noticed that there were no trade alerts given. People looking for these types of trades might find it a little distracting to not have a trade during the day. Although these are 60 second trade setups they don’t occur every 60 seconds. We will keep you posted on the progress as we keep watching these trade setups occur.
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