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Trading Binaries on Monday Day One

After much anticipation over the weekend we were seeking a solid trade for our trade of the day. The binary options market can sometimes throw some interesting looking charts at you, but you need to take advantage of certain setups when they appear.

We noticed the overall trend to the north side, with a recent pullback over the last five or six hours. The price came down to the pivot line and although we entered a few minutes late we were still able to get a solid price. We saw as much as five pips in our favor and we never saw the price go against us the whole time we were in the trade.

In conclusion, this was a solid three-star trade and we’re pretty excited to find a pivot line trade at the right time in the morning. The video listed below will explain more information about the trade and how you can look for these certain setups in the future. If you have any questions about this particular set up, click on the video link and write some comments on the YouTube channel or comments below. We look forward to doing our next video tomorrow and will continue to do these as long as the community stays active

We will certainly be changing that to We are in the mix of changing the domain for binary trading, but until we have it officially launched we will continue to use the other. We want to keep our same tagline which is Trading One Day at a Time, but we’ve also added With You in Mind. We look forward to offering more videos and information about binary options and again, if you have any questions whatsoever please use our contact form or make comments on this post. See you tomorrow for the Trade of the Day.
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