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We’ll Trade Pivots All Day

We talk about rating trades all the time. Some setups are obviously better than others. It’s when you find the setup that you feel really good about is when you realize your trading plan is solid. A lot of traders try to do too much. If you just focus on one maybe two solid trade setups during the day, your long term binary trading outlook will look that much better.

This past Trade on Friday May 18th you can see how we used the Pivot line to our advantage. The price had jumped off the pivot about an hour before we entered our pivot trade. Look how it came from 25 pips above in a pretty strong pattern. It consolidated for about 5 minutes, but not causing any pain. It then proceeded to move up 12 pips in our favor. This was a great way to end our trading week.

Taking pivot trades work all the time

We Love the Pivot

In the video below you can see how the trade came about in a bit more detail.

Risk Disclaimer


  1. What charts do i look at to get the right pivot piont to trade

    • You can look at all Forex brokers that offer the Metatrader 4.0 platform. There are literally dozens and they are free to trade with.

    • I personally use I like them a lot, it is free and you can add whatever indicators that you want.

      • FreeStockCHarts is a great resource for sure. Metatrader is also Free and it allows you to do a lot more with currency charts.

        • What more can you do with a Metatrader chart? And Rich, I watch your trade of the day on 24Option almost everyday. I just wish I could see what you see when you make those trades.

        • I don’t think I have ever seen you lose a trade yet! How many trades do you make in a day and what is your win/loss ratio like?

          • I lose for sure. I usually seek one trade in the morning time that I feel really good about. Percentage wise I’m not sure but it is more than losing. 🙂

            My goal is not to show you how much I make, but to show how I trade and how you can trade as well. Empower the traders.

  2. Hello can i use your pivot strategy to make 1k a week? Having like 6 charts open.

    • Well, $1k a week seems doable if you have the right money management in place? Don’t try and turn $200 into $1000. You need a serious bankroll to make $1000 week. Start small and grow.

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