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Trading in a Storm

Within 10 seconds after entry the price jumped 5 pips in our favor and never looked back. We did see a gain of about 12 pips at one point, but by the end the price closed seven pips in our favor, never touching the area of being out of the money.

We found this trade set up using our meta-trader chart with a channel formation after some nice swift moves to both the North side and South side. Although the entry could’ve been taken one bar earlier on this particular trade the price we got was decent and it was still early in the expiry time. Sometimes you have to find trades not so much at the support and pivot levels but with in the price action itself. In this case, the trade was developed in between support and a pivot line.

Soon after this trade was complete the pound dollar set up for perfect pivot point trade. All you had to do was trade a put option after a pretty significant move in price. The pound dollar trade would’ve worked out really well giving you a nice PIP winner in a solid binary option trade. Sometimes if you are seeking more than one trade a day you will find it in back-to-back situations. You can go all day without finding a trade set up only to find trade setups one after the next. Remember, there is nothing wrong with trading like this if you see a solid set up don’t be afraid to trade it whether it’s real money or on paper.

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