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Adapting Strategy From Traditional Trading

Trade what you are used tooMost people in the game of trading a while, understand there is a lot of money to be made if they know what they’re doing. Binary options share this motto with their phenomenal returns on investment. Some trades can make up to 90% or more. Binary trading is definitely not as easy as some of the websites you read tell you. Before you begin the venture, you must have a sound and working method if you wish to be successful. The risk is super high. Please be diligent.

Experience is going to be the first key factor. You can start with demo trading, but this is not always enough to give you a good advantage. This is because many sites will limit the amount of time they give you with your demo account. 72 hours is a common time limit. This is certainly enough time to get the hang of the software and the logistics of trading these unique assets, but it’s definitely not enough time to master a profitable strategy. If you were to open a real money account, for example, at 24option, you could then request to have a side by side demo account. This means you won’t have to risk a dime until you are ready. You can have both accounts active, testing on one and taking real trades on the other. Listed below are some of the major brokers with virtual account setups.

Paper Trading Produces WinnersPaper trading (a predecessor of demo trading) is going to be helpful. This does require a bit more work on your behalf because the system must be done by hand, hence the name “paper” trading. Simply writing down your trades and tracking them via pencil and paper will be time intensive, but it has some advantages. A benefit to paper trading is that you can do it indefinitely. There are no time constraints, and no limit to the amount of money that you trade with. Creating a spreadsheet template will be the easiest way to track your trades with this manual method.

If you have experience with other types of trading, don’t be afraid to practice first. Binaries are different, mainly because they are typically an all or nothing bet. With Forex trading, for example, you can always cut your losses short if you exit an unprofitable trade early enough, but with binary options this is seldom possible. If you are wrong, even by a penny, you will lose all or most of your investment. Losses are inevitable, but you do need to be right far more often than you are wrong. While with Forex trading you can swing profits in your direction if you have a few big and profitable trades, binary options have one of two outputs. The amount you can earn is predetermined before you enter a trade and if you are right by a huge amount, you don’t get to see the extra money deposited into your trading account.

The plus side to binary trading is that you can pick and choose exactly when you want to enter a trading position. Waiting for the most profitable moments will ultimately cut down on the amount of time you spend trading and will make sure that those trades you do enter have a higher probability of success. With traditional trading, you still need to time your trades appropriately, but being as accurate as you need to be with this, isn’t nearly as important. Picking your spots should be your motto going forward.

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[su_spoiler title=”Risk Warning”]Have in mind that investors can lose all their capital by trading binary options.[/su_spoiler]
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