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Tom’s EA is Coming

Toms EA Review and DownloadA Forex trading robot has the potential to not only simplify your life, but help you make a lot more money in your free time, too. The big caveat here is that it needs to be a high quality robot. An expert advisor (EA) is perhaps the best kind of robot out there thanks to its use of MetaTrader software and highly sophisticated trading algorithms. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that every EA is going to make you money and no other trading system will, but it is definitely a good place to begin your search.

Tom’s EA is currently one of the most popular robots out on the market, and for a good reason. It has been around for several years now and has had very positive results month after month, year after year. But just because it’s worked for a lot of people in the past does not necessarily mean that it’s going to work for you, too. There are still a lot of factors to consider before you spend a lot of money on a piece of trading software. Let’s start with the big one. [Read more…]

Using the Bull Market to Trade

You’ve probably heard the saying, “what goes up must come down.” While this is certainly true in matters of measuring gravity, it’s not always true within the financial markets. The stock market has been going up consistently year after year since the beginning of the Great Depression. Sure, there have been a few years here and there when the markets have ended down for the year, but the general theme has been upward motion.

So the fact that the U.S. markets are about to enter their fifth year of bull momentum isn’t really a surprise. [Read more…]

Finding Tops is Fun

Our trade didn’t come until after the US markets got going. Over the course of the night, price action stayed in a pretty tight range. Price started at the pivot level and only climbed up to resistance one. The interesting thing was, it did turn on the line in true trading fashion. You could’ve traded a put option at resistance one and two call options at the 1.3742 level as well. Another put option near resistance one was a great looking trade. This was the trade we took and it worked really well at Redwood options. From the moment we started watching the markets, we noticed price was starting to consolidate. We didn’t see much movement, so we hung tight and waited for our moment. [Read more…]

Trading Exxon Binary Options

Exxon Mobil (XOM) is one of the world’s largest companies, specializing in oil production and transportation. For a very long time it has been considered to be a safe investment; almost everyone in the world uses oil in some way, mostly for driving around their vehicles. It’s long been considered a “blue chip” stock simply because of its nature for slow and steady earnings. Blue chips are established companies that have a very reliable nature, and Exxon fits this description beautifully. If you are looking to buy and hold, this is a great stock to own. Five years ago, this stock was around $75 per share. Not too long ago, it was around $100 and it currently resides at around $91. There’s been lots of growth, and as long as oil is the world’s most popularly traded commodity, there will be lots more. [Read more…]

Flip Flop Market Conditions

Today setup some interesting price action on the EURUSD. After yesterdays climb up to resistance three from the purple line of 1.3642, we were trying to figure out what would happen next. Usually when you see a big move late in the trading day, where most traders are not active, can lead you to think something is happening overall. We watched price climb up to resistance three on three different occasions. This occurred over the course of about 14 hours. Although the move was only 40 to 50 pips, it still showed signs of weakness. Every time the price tried to make a new high, it pulled back. On the third time, price action tried to make the new high and dropped all the way down to the pivot level. This is when we decided to take our put option. [Read more…]

Using Stock Fundamentals

Sometimes there are companies that just defy the traditional logic that we have come to expect from the stock market. This usually happens in revolutionary type companies, the ones that change the way we must think about their particular sector. Regardless of where you are trading–whether it be in the stock exchanges or in the binary options markets–you need to know how to spot such a game changer. It’s really not that hard to do because there are always a few of them out in the markets somewhere. [Read more…]

Pivot Trades are a lot of Fun

We were fortunate to have a pivot level trade set up this morning. Price action had been hanging below the pivot near support level two, which is also the 1.3642 purple line. We’ve been talking about this area for quite some time and although we’ve been staying in a tight range, we knew it had to make a pretty big move for us to take a trade. Around 8:30 this morning, price jumped up from the 1.3642 all the way to the pivot point. It did not get up there on a five-minute candle, but rather, it climbed over the course of an hour. This is when we started to look for our trade, which appears to be the trade of the day several hours later. [Read more…]

Playing the 1.3542 Level Again and Again

After a decent Martin Luther King Junior trade yesterday, we were able to find another great set up. Although we missed the best trade of the day by an hour, we were able to take the 1.3542 on the fourth attempt. We got in near the top of the candle, which was also around the pivot line. This gave us enough wiggle room for price action to test the highs of the day. We also had over 12 minutes to go when we got in this trade. Price action at Redwood options moved in our favor immediately. We closed out the trade with a nice winner for this Tuesday.
[Read more…]

Using the Indexes for Trading Decisions

There is quite a bit of evidence that the U.S. economy is growing, but is that the whole story? Recent data says that no, it’s not. For example, look at the S&P 500s performance over the last part of 2013. The last quarter growth rate was around 6 percent for this indicator, but that’s a very distorted figure. Certain industries grew in certain manners, while others performed pitifully. This sort of thing doesn’t seem to matter if you are trading just the index, but in reality, it is extremely important, especially as we move into a new year of trading. [Read more…]

Should You Use Technical Indicators

There is no single “best” technical indicator. Different indicators have different strengths and weaknesses, and many of them may work well for one type of asset, and be awful for another. They also will differ in effectiveness depending upon what kind of timeframes you trade–something that is especially useful for binary options traders. [Read more…]

Getting In on the Right Side of the Market

Get the Right SideEven short term binary options traders need to pay attention to fundamental indicators. This has become very apparent recently with the jump in the value of the U.S. dollar against several other currencies. There’s only one major reason why this has happened, and it is a key fundamental indicator. The private sector jobs report was released for the end of 2013, and it was much better than originally estimated. The employment rate–especially in the private job sector–is usually seen as a very good measure of how strong a nation’s currency is. [Read more…]

Grabbing a Great Support Trade

Although the big news event is tomorrow, we were able to take advantage of the early news trade based on jobs. We saw price action dip pretty hard after the news, and we waited patiently. This is critical when trading around news time. After a period of time price came to our area and we entered. Price action will remain pretty stable until after news tomorrow. You should be able to find some decent setups if you are careful. Don’t force anything.

We started looking at the charts around 8:30 this morning. [Read more…]

The Fed Makes a Change

Fed ChangeJanet Yellen is very likely to become the first female head of the Federal Reserve today. This in itself isn’t a likely market influencer, but her policies and beliefs might very well have an immediate impact upon how the U.S. stock market and other financial areas react, especially over the coming week.

The implications actually go pretty deep. Yellen needs to be confirmed by the Senate before she is able to be appointed to the office. This is very likely since she was appointed by Obama and the Senate is controlled by the Democratic Party. So in all likelihood, her policies will probably be right in line with the Democratic philosophy toward the economy. [Read more…]

Facebook vs Twitter Stock

Facebook vs TwitterWhich social media stock is a better deal: Facebook (FB) or Twitter (TWTR)? This has been a big question lately, especially amongst day traders and binary options traders, and if top experts are right, the answer is a resounding “Facebook.”

It’s really not that hard to figure out. Twitter is priced at $69.00 per share going into the weekend, and Facebook is at $54.56. This is more than a $14 difference per share–and although Twitter has been outperforming Facebook over the last several weeks, this will be changing very soon. [Read more…]

Trading Gold on Short Time Frame

Gold ETF TradingAt this time last year, gold–as indicated by the SPDR GLD exchange traded fund–was 30 percent more expensive than it is now. For traders, this is really good news. Gold, much like major stock indices, has historically gone up in value on a very regular basis. If you look at it over a broader spectrum, the poor 2013 that gold saw is just a minor bump in the road. The GLD ETF was once over $180 per share, and right now, it is sitting at just under $120. The high point was arrived at in the summer of 2011, though. Zoom back even farther, and you will see that even with this two-plus year setback in trading, gold is still much higher than it was at this time five years ago, when the ETF was valued at barely over $80 per share. [Read more…]