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Binary Trading After the Easter Holiday

You never know what you may get when trading after a holiday such as Easter. Today, we we were able to find a setup quicker than anticipated. This EURUSD trade was taken at 24option and allowed us to walk away with a winner early this morning. We hope more trades act this way the rest of the week.

The past week showed signs of up-and-down movements that were quite tricky to trade on the binary markets. Finding good setups was difficult and emotional situations came into play quite a few times. This post holiday trade was a pretty clear set up at a pivot level. We watched price reach the highs of the day for the second time and bounce off that level, back to the North side. Although we only ended up with a half of PIP winner we never had pain on this trade. The setup was ideal for trading on a Monday, because we were able to close out our trade early in the morning. This allows us to look at the markets with a bit more caution and less risk. Finding a good price action trade is what we are all after on a daily basis.

In the image below, you can see how price formed a few wicks at the highs of the day. Price action then pushed down towards support level one and the whole number of 1.2800. As price was climbing back up to the highs the day we started looking for put options. There was one particular play that interest us, but we were too slow to get in on it. Price eventually pushed back down through pivot to a previous trade from last week. This is where we looked for our call option entry back up with the current trend. Although there was no significant trend for the day, it was something to consider after the gap fill we saw this morning. Once the gap is filled, you usually see a continuation in one direction or another. This is where you need to be careful and try not to find a breakout at this particular level. Price has since moved up through resistance two and continues to climb.
Taking Good Setups Quick
We will continue trading the binary markets using the EURUSD with the binary options brokers available to us. This allows us to have the freedom to take good trade setups throughout the rest of the week. The key will be to watch our risk and take the best setups possible.

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