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Tom’s EA is Coming

Toms EA Review and DownloadA Forex trading robot has the potential to not only simplify your life, but help you make a lot more money in your free time, too. The big caveat here is that it needs to be a high quality robot. An expert advisor (EA) is perhaps the best kind of robot out there thanks to its use of MetaTrader software and highly sophisticated trading algorithms. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that every EA is going to make you money and no other trading system will, but it is definitely a good place to begin your search.

Tom’s EA is currently one of the most popular robots out on the market, and for a good reason. It has been around for several years now and has had very positive results month after month, year after year. But just because it’s worked for a lot of people in the past does not necessarily mean that it’s going to work for you, too. There are still a lot of factors to consider before you spend a lot of money on a piece of trading software. Let’s start with the big one. [Read more…]

Forex Black Book

Coming live to you in February, The Forex Black Book will be available for consumer use. This proprietary software has been used by Dustin Pass for a many years. He’s finally decided to bring it to the people. We’ve known Dustin Pass for over 5 years and this trading product is shaping up to be a real good one. We’ve Beta tested for several products in the past, but this one just made a lot of sense. We know the majority of information on this site is about Binary options, but this is a great complement to Binary Trading. It allows you to day trade the binaries and look more long term on the Forex market. By going through this Forex Black Book Review you will learn about what it is, how it works, and how you can take advantage of it. [Read more…]