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Different Binary Platforms

Binary options brokers use a number of different trading platforms in order to make the customer experience as uniform and convenient as possible. The two major platforms are SpotOption and Tech Financials. Each of these has several positive features. Knowing as much as possible before you begin using a platform will definitely be to your advantage as the more you know, the stronger your advantage becomes.

SpotOption is used by GToptions and TradeRush. These major brokers are two of the most popular brokers out there, and SpotOption is a very successful platform because of the profits that these brokers (and others) bring in.

The platform is pretty simple to use. You can choose your asset from a very large list, type in how much you want to risk, click on the direction you think the asset’s price will move in, and then select your expiry timeframe from a drop down box. This easy to use ability is designed to stay out of the trader’s way and allow you to focus on making correct decisions and not worry too much about the web interface that the platform provides. This is important. The fewer user errors made, the more successful and thus the more profitable your trading will become.

SpotOption has some great features. It was one of the first platforms to offer 60 second options and it also gives you the Option Builder choice which is one of the most interactive customization features that you can find out on the web. Another good feature is BinaryMETA which shows you the chart of the asset you are interested in and tracks past price movement with an accurate line graph. This is a great feature for those traders that do not have a top of the line charting software package on their computer. They also offer One Touch options that give traders a bit more control over their trading routines.

Tech Financials is the other widely accredited platform. This software is used by sites like 24Option and OptionFair. Thanks to this platform’s constant innovation, customers can find a very complete experience here.

The platform is easy and very understandable. Once you select which asset you wish to trade, you simple can choose which type of timeframe you are looking for, type in how much you want to risk, and select the type of trade you want to execute. Not all assets are offered for all types of trading, so when you’re designing a trade, if you decide that you want to trade a One Touch option, for example, click on the One Touch tab first and then select which assets and timeframes you wish to engage in.

Trading PlatformTech Financials has made some changes over the last year or so and these have been very beneficial to the average trader—both long and short term. For example, Tech Financials has long offered the 60 second binary option, but they now also offer two minute options, as well as options that expire at the end of the given week and the end of the calendar month. This has created more trading opportunities and allows traders to further customize their practice. This platform also offers One Touch and Boundary trades that enable people to not be constrained to just the conventional call/put option that most people utilize.

Both SpotOption and Tech Financials have sterling reputations. They work with only the most highly regarded binary options brokers, and this makes your job as a trader a lot easier since some of the question marks that you might have as a prospective trader can be completely erased.

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