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Binary Options Guides

Binary Options and Forex

The rising popularity of online trading has mostly been centered in the Forex and binary options markets. So, many new traders find themselves interested in both but not sure which is better suited to their trading style and investment goals. This information can also be helpful for traders looking to make the transition from one market to… Read More

Theta Binary Options Formula

Volatility is an important concept when it comes to binary options trading, and this is where concepts like Theta become useful for binary options traders. This is a measuring tool used when attempting to compare an asset’s price with the amount of time left in the option that you are looking at. Knowing how to… Read More

Double Up Binary Options

Double Up, or similar investment doubling features are now available in many binary options platforms. In most cases, the feature provides the means to instantly double the investment amount on a live trade that looks to be headed towards a profitable finish. However, within some platforms it works differently, serving instead as a trade replication… Read More

Divergence Binary Options Trading

All who trade binary options will have access to a number of helpful strategies, techniques, methods, and indicators. Strategies often involve the processes of technical and/or fundamental analysis. On the technical side of things, it’s going to be indicators which are the ingredients that help traders identify existing price trends, after which this information can… Read More

No Touch Option

Touch and no touch options are a great way for you to further customize your trading experience. Because there are only two different outcomes that can possibly occur, these are still considered to be binary options. You can be right or you can be wrong. There is no middle ground. Even though they are slightly… Read More

Short Term vs Long Term Trading

What’s a better place for your money: a mutual funds or a binary options trading account? This is, as you’ve probably guessed, a loaded and problematic question. Binary options and mutual funds are two very different types of financial tools, and they have very different short term goals. So, instead of tackling this question right… Read More

What are Boundary Options?

Many new traders are familiar with the most common form of binary options, where we simply make a prediction on whether the price of an asset will increase (in CALL options) or decline (in PUT options). But once traders have some experience with these instruments, many look to more advanced trading methods in order to… Read More

Binary Options Candlestick Charts

Those familiar with some of the basic elements of technical price analysis have probably used candlestick charts in some of their market analysis and this is generally because these charts help you to make broad assessments with just a quick glance. But one under-utilized aspect of these charts can be seen in the candle formations,… Read More

Best Binary Options Indicators

Many options traders have difficulties in determining when exactly to pull the trigger and enter into a new trade. Luckily, technical indicator tools are available to help demystify the process and these tools can often be quickly interpreted and placed on your trading platform. To start, we must have an understanding of the various indicator… Read More

Binary Options Payout

One nice feature in binary options trading is that broker platforms will generally show the profit percentage a trade is capable of generating if the final outcome is positive and your original price direction (either a CALL or a PUT) proves to be accurate. These percentages are then added to the investment amount and this… Read More

Binary Options Charts

Working with a short term type of trading style requires the need to master the technical analysis side of things. Learning to pick which charts to look at and knowing how to appropriately read them is going to help you out a lot over the long term. Charts are an essential part of learning how… Read More

Binary Indices Trading

Trading indices can be very confusing, especially for short term traders. These act as a great way to measure the health of the stock markets, but a lot of people don’t even know where to begin when they want to start trading these. There are many active stock traders that could grow their potential for… Read More

Pin Bar Detector

This indicator is one that will be used by newbies and novices to the Forex and Binary Markets. It is a Pin Bar Detector. Also known as a pinocchio bar, it acts as form of reversal candle, but more importantly, demonstrates an area where there is support or resistance. Traders who have a lot of chart experience… Read More

Binary Chat

When you are just getting started as a trader it can be a pretty lonely place. There are websites out there that offer trading forums and chat rooms. Although we don’t have one we wanted to share a little information about it. Trading with a group of traders in a chat room or forum can… Read More

Binary Options Basics: Binary Options 101 for Dummies

Binary options trading has grown increasingly popular as one the fastest and easiest ways to trade. Fast does not necessarily equal effective though. Traders need to be cautious when working within this market. They are very different from other types of trading as the volatility is higher and the trades are short term.  With binary… Read More