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Trading a Whole Number

It took a while to find this setup, but after the US markets opened, we were able to find a good trade. We started looking at the EURUSD on out Metatrader charts. We noticed how price action came down from the pivot level pretty hard and hit the area of 1.3500. We then noticed price pushed through this whole number and started to consolidate pretty heavily for the next few hours. Once price started to move back up into the whole number we then decided to take a put option. We took this trade at Redwood options and we’ve been trading with them successfully for quite some time now. Make sure you check them out and set up an account when trading the EURUSD.

As price climbed up to the whole number of 1.3500 we looked for an extended move. We wanted the price to get just above the 1.3500 which led us to a solid entry at one 1.3505. The trade topped out at the peak of this move and we were able to ride it all the way down to 1.3492 area. This gave us a nice 10 to 12 pip winner with out an ounce of pain. These are the types of trades you look for when price action is pretty strong in one direction. Yesterday we took a trade that was with the trend on a pullback and it worked out great. Today was another case where price action was on the south side and we took a retracement trade. We were looking for a push back down to the lows of the day. We will see what happens throughout the rest the day and week based on the US government news as price could consolidate here before pushing back up or making new lows for the week.

In the image below you can see how prices came down from the pivot level and held really well at the first attempt at 1.3500. This would have been a nice trade for a call option as two five minute candles closed above the 1.3500 area. Price eventually moved down through the purple line and as you can see the consolidation was pretty strong and boring for the next several hours. Price eventually moved up and you can see the green arrow where we entered our trade. Price moved down immediately after entry and never looked back during the trade. Price had made further lows since the close of our trade and is having a hard time getting back to the 1.3500 around 11:00 AM this morning. Should the price action get above 1.3500 we could see resistance all the way back up to the pivot level. We may also see a challenge of the 1.3400 area before we push even higher based on any news that may come out.
Taking Put Options
You really need to manage your risk when trading. In this case, you should be well aware of what is happening to the US government. At any particular time an announcement may come out, which may move the market heavily in one direction. Should you fall on the wrong side of the market don’t panic and let the trade Finish. Try not to get in the way when you know news might come out and wait a little while before entering a new trade. This will allow enough time for the markets to digest the information before it makes its next move.

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  1. Great vids on PA. Soon as I see someones chart that look like one of my abstract paintings I leave the site Trading naked on whole 1/2 numbers is the only way to trade as I have discovered in the past 5 months as I am new out of the gate on this. You use the one minute and 5 minute chart. I too use them. I have been spotty for ITM trades with 5 minute expiry. Trade on S&R lines and not too happy. You trade 15 minute options? What is your success rate doing so etc. Have you done vids on market turns? Thanks Russell

    • Right now I’ve been trading charts within an hour timeframe, mainly on 15 minute expiry’s. This is what’s been working. Remember, you shouldn’t trade every line you see. Try to look for extended moves as well. I don’t focus too much on market turns. This is not something I’m looking at directly. Finding bottoms and tops isn’t easy to do. However, if you find a good S/R area that can be a good place to take a reversal trade.

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