Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area. 83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Deriv Robot

Min. Deposit
Min. Investment

Deriv Robot platform offers you an easy setup. You can get the free trading bot within only five stages and trade more than fifty tradeable assets with it.

Don’t agonize if you don’t have any particular trading strategy; three strategies are already constructed within Deriv Robot; you can employ these if you like.

Operation chaser is another valuable aspect of Deriv Robot that allows you to make required adjustments to exploit your revenues.

Deriv Bot Review

DBot is another name for Deriv Robot. DBot connects networks with the Deriv trading platform via API. API is a product programming port; it receives your applications and connects to Deriv Robot to find what should be done on the Deriv exchange platform.

When you have enabled DBot, exchanges can be placed and departed spontaneously by following the trader’s regulations definite within personalized DBot settings.

It’s easy to personalize Deriv Robot, and it operates as a click-and-choose setup. It means you don’t need to learn any knowledge about coding as a trader. You only have to change all settings as per your trading idea and tactic.

How does Deriv Robot Work?

It’s effortless to trade with Deriv Robot. You have to choose the trading asset that you need to trade, set up your exchange limitations for entrance and departure, and the size of your position.

As all the conditions you have set are met, Deriv Robot will open a position for you automatically. The trade will be robotically closed if the trading asset reaches the chosen profit level or the stop cost. Deriv Robot allows you to not stay in front of your computer the whole day and wait for the perfect trading prospects.

How to Use the Robot?

The user configuration layout of the Deriv Robot is straightforward. Four blocks are used to define trading limits and settings.

Deriv Robot Trade Framework

The first fundamental block in the Deriv Robot configuration is the trade parameters. The trade parameter block is added to the configuration once by default when you begin to set up your proposal.

You have to select the following things within this block:

  • Market – In this section, you have to describe your trading assets and the target market. Traders can select from a variety of options like forex, commodities, stock, and synthetic indices. When you have selected, for instance, you have selected stock indices as the market type, America, Europe, and Asia will be offered to you as a selection for regions. You can choose the required index after you have chosen the target region.
  • Trade Type – You have to select your required trade type like Up/Down, In/Out, and Touch/No Touch. Depending upon the chosen trade type, you can also organize your further needs.
  • Contract Type – After configuring Market and Trade Type settings, you have to select contract type. For instance, you can choose Ends outside, between, or even both with the In-Out trade type. Choices will be obtainable within the Acquisition block, depending on your choice.
  • Other Parameters – You will have to set the following parameters along with the above ones:
  • Would you like to resume buy/sell in error?
  • Would you like to resume the last trade in error?
  • Trade Selections – Estimate, required period, stake, and barriers to the agreement can also be described.
  • Chart timeframe

Deriv Robot Buying Settings

When you have outlined your trade limitations, you can set your acquisition settings. You have to teach your trading robot about the purchasing agreements within this section.

You can use the indicator and conditional blocks for this purpose. If you like, you are allowed to use numerous purchase blocks accompanied by a conditional block to describe your acquisition conditions. Be mindful that you can only use the purchase block within the acquisition settings block.

Deriv Robot Trade Settings

Trade contract selling conditions can be settled before it terminates. This feature can also be used to sell at market value.

Resume Selling Conditions in Deriv Robot

If you want your bot to keep trading or not, you can decide to use this setting in the block. You can adjust parameters for your next trade using this setting in this block. This block can also be used to apply stop loss or take revenue settings.

There are numerous indicators in the Deriv Robot, along with candy and tick analysis, contract details, and run-time statistics, in addition to the settings mentioned above.

You can quickly introduce readymade settings and strategies using the import feature. Thereby, all your buying, selling, and resume trading settings can be promptly loaded.

Deriv Robot Demo

Among the fascinating aspects for all dealers is the fact that Deriv Robot Demo can be accessed freely. You get a $10,000 demo account for free after signing up. Any trader can use these demo funds as he likes.

You can also permit your Robot to place trades without jeopardizing your actual money by trying different settings in the Deriv Robot. When you are contented with the trading achievement of your Deriv Robot, it’s easier to make a deposit and begin trading with actual money.

Although demo trading can be captivating as your actual money is not in danger, you have to be mindful that demo prizes can’t be withdrawn. You have to trade with your actual money if you want to withdraw your trade revenues.

Deriv Robot Download

You don’t need to download Deriv Robot. Deriv Robot is an entirely operational website resolution and does not need any installation or downloading. You just have to log in to your account, organize your robot settings, and begin with auto trading.

Deric Robot is available on both MacBook and PC. You can also use it on iPhone and Android. You can easily access Deriv Robot from any device having an active internet connection.