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A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

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HighLow Broker Review

HighLow is an Australian-based binary options broker. Their only audience is traders based in Australia. The binary options broker is fully regulated and legal for Australian residents to useHighLow is regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) and holds a license with the Australian Financial Services.

HighLow is ONLY available for traders in Australia. If you are not based in Australia, check out our list of the top binary options brokers for YOUR country.

HighLow Demo Account

Are you thinking about opening up a binary options trading account with HighLow? If so, we recommend that you first try out the HighLow demo account. This will give you a thorough idea of what the real money platform is like in real time.

While demo trading cannot completely replicate what real money trading is like, it is always the best place for you to begin when you start trading at a new broker, regardless of how much experience you have in the binary options business. Even if you have traded in the past, if you’re new to this broker, you will want to practice before you risk money.

Binary options trading is a high-risk endeavor and giving yourself every advantage you can is one of the simplest ways to improve your chances of being profitable. While a demo account can’t guarantee anything for you, it does give you practice using this broker. HighLow has a lot to offer traders, and getting a feel for their platform by demo trading will give you a better idea of whether or not you can be successful here.

The HighLow demo account comes with all of the features that the standard real money platform has. You can trade the same assets and the same types of trades, but without risking real cash.

This has the benefit of allowing you to use the site, see what it’s all about, and then translate those skills to a real money account later on. This includes the standard call and put options, which HighLow aptly calls high and low options. It also includes high and low options with a spread, on demand trades, and on demand trades with a spread.

Spread trades are very different than what most people are used to. In this respect, having a demo account to practice these trades for a while before you start risking real money is a great tool to have at your disposal.

The HighLow demo service is easy to get started with. Once you are on the demo page, you just need to click the link titled “Quick Demo,” and you will be taken to a webpage where you can test out all of the features of the site. You do not need to create an account or register.

We highly recommend using the demo account for a few days before you make a deposit here. It’s a simple way to see some of the features that are unique to this site, and it will give you more experience if you have never traded with things like spreads or their on-demand feature. It’s a pretty simple adjustment, but it’s not something you will be successful with unless you have an idea of what you are up against. Practice on the HighLow platform is the fastest way to gain this edge.

HighLow Binary

Through our HighLow review, we discovered a few nice features that helps HighLow really stand out to its traders.

The first is the ease of entry when it comes to using this site. The broker has a very smooth and easy to use trading platform through which all trades are executed. They rely on the Markets Pulse platform, which is one of the top five most highly used platforms in the world. This popularity is in place for a reason. HighLow takes this solid platform and all of the positive features that accompany it and allows you to use these benefits to your advantage.

The HighLow platform is very simple, although it’s not quite as clean in its appearance as some other brokers. This can give you a cluttered feeling when you are first starting out, making the need for zero risk demo trading all the greater. With some practice, any confusion that might occur because of the platform’s appearance will be completely erased. Trading here is simple, but being familiar with the HighLow broker’s page will make things a lot easier for you.

The minimum amount you are allowed to risk per trade at HighLow is just $10.

It’s worth noting that HighLow does not refer to their binary options as “call” or “put” options, but rather as “High” and “Low,” just like the name of the broker itself. If you think that the asset is going to move upward, you take out a “High” position. If you think the asset’s going downward, you will take out a “Low” position.

If you’re new to trading binary options, you want to take advantage of special features that your broker might offer. These can help you to have a better understanding of what you are doing as a trader, how to find more money-making opportunities, and how to limit the amount of risk that you might be taking on.

This broker offers spread trades, which are slightly different from the European style trades you might be used to. In many instances, these types of trades can be even more useful to you than the traditional High and Low trades offered. They also offer “On Demand” trades. These are basically just ultra-short term options, ranging in expiry from 1 minute (60 second binary options) up to 5 minutes in length.

HighLow also allows you to trade options as short as 30 seconds before expiry. Trade expiries can go as long as 24 hours, as well.

HighLow has apps for both Android and iPhone devices, allowing you to trade while you’re on the road. This can open up new trading opportunities for you, but it also carries the potential to increase your risk levels.

As far as assets go, HighLow offers a wide array of currency pairs. They currently have 17 currency pairs available on the site, 5 different indices, and gold. There are currently no stocks offered for trade on the site. The currencies are focused on the Australia and New Zealand dollars, in addition to the major four currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY). They also feature the Canadian dollar in a few pairs.

The HighLow customer support team is always willing to help out, if you have any questions or concerns about this broker or using their services. You can contact them by submitting an online ticket (which can be found on their “contact us” page) or via phone.

Their Australian number is 1300-870-442 and the HighLow customer support team will be available on weekdays 08:00 – 18:00 AEDT/AEST time.

The broker urges you to first check out their FAQ section if you have any questions, because it is very likely your question will be already answered there.

HighLow Minimum Deposit

An account with HighLow can be funded with as little as $50 USD if you use a credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or Neteller.

If you fund an account with a wire transfer from within Australia, you can transfer as little as $10 AUD.

According to our HighLow review, withdrawals from this broker are processed in the same way that they were applied to your account. If you used a credit card, funds will be put back on that same card. If you used Neteller, your money will go back into your Neteller account.

You will need to follow all financial regulations in Australia when it comes to taking withdrawals from HighLow. This may include providing documentation proving your identity and your address. These can usually be accounted for with a government issued ID card and a copy of a utility bill or something similar.

HighLow Australia

If you are based in Australia, HighLow is a very good broker to use. Our HighLow review reveals that this is an exceptional place for new binary options traders that don’t want to risk a lot of money but still gain experience.

New traders can fund their accounts for a very small amount of money, and trades can be executed for one of the smallest amounts ($10) in the business. This broker does have perks for larger traders, but if you are just starting out, this broker should be given special consideration.

Binary options trading is risky, there’s no way around that fact. However, with the right broker on your side, you can help give yourself a small push in the right direction. Take a look at HighLow, and if you still aren’t sure if they are the right broker for you and your needs as a binary options trader, then get in touch with their customer service department and see what the simplest way to create a demo trading account is. This will give you a feel for what the trading platform is like and whether or not it seems right to you.