Binary options are prohibited in the European Economic Area. 83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

A free demo account

with $10.000 in practice money

Investments carry a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.

Nadex Review

Nadex—North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc.—is a U.S. based clearing house and exchange for derivatives (options), including binary options. It is regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) which gives it a distinct advantage over many other binary options brokers; it is one of the few brokers with a government organisation overseeing it.

Nadex was originally called HedgeStreet and was founded in 2009. Since then, it has been giving traders a secure venue with which they can try to predict the underlying market price movement. There is no guarantee that trades will be profitable, but it is a highly regarded and trusted options exchange, and this is a big advantage. This exchange offers many of the same asset classes that the other major binary options brokers possess, including stock indices, currency pairs, and commodities. Nadex is based out of the United States, but they do have European and Asian stock indices markets available for trading on their platform, allowing for a broader range of opportunities. It also helps traders to diversify their trading, and this is a good way to help protect yourself from a major hit to your trading capital. Nadex also lets traders make yes or no-based predictions upon economic events such as jobless rates, the Fed funds rate, and the non-farm payrolls numbers. This is a feature that is not offered by the majority of other brokers.

The difficult thing about trading binary options through Nadex is that buying options may not seem quite as user friendly. Still, trading here is quite simple to learn once you get the hang of it. For example, if you want to trade the Dow Jones Industrial Average market, a strike price will be given to you and you will need to predict whether the actual market price will be above or below that price when the expiration time is hit. Say you think the CBOT® E-mini Dow Futures will be above 15,000 at 3:30 PM. You will be given a cost per contract. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll say that it costs $60 per contract and you buy ten of them. . If you buy a binary at $60, the trader puts up $60 per contract with a total potential reward of $40 per contract, excluding fees. They pay more, as the odds of a positive settlement are slightly in their favour. In this example with 10 contracts, the trader would risk $600, and would have a maximum profit of $400. If they are incorrect and it goes to expiration, they would lose the full $600, plus fees. If they bought at $40, the math is reversed and they would put up $400 with a potential maximum return of $600, excluding fees.

Nadex ReviewThis might sound complicated, but their site explains this in great detail and is very focused on education, so make sure you look through everything before you execute your first trade. This exchange is designed to make option trading more understandable and more accessible to the average trader. One other way that they do this is by lowering the cost of speculation. With traditional options, buying a full sized lot could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. With Nadex’s site, however, the cost of doing business is much lower and the potential profit may be better.

One of the negative features of Nadex is that they do charge fees for each transaction. Still, the fees are low and this site has a stellar reputation and is a great resource for the trader looking to branch out and expand upon their daily trading routine. Binary options are a great way to diversify and increase your market opportunities with minimal effort. Nadex is a trusted place to trade and has grown quite a bit in popularity over the last several years. As this type of trading becomes more established, it may be likely that Nadex and other binary options brokers will continue to see an increase in the volume of trades conducted.

The CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) helps to protect traders by putting rules in place that its registered companies must follow. Basically, it puts into effect tough penalties for fraudulent actions, manipulation, and abusive events.

The thing to remember is that Nadex’s security comes at a price. There is not as much flexibility of trading offered by Nadex. You will find that a lot of types of options offered by other brokers are not offered here. But there are many advantages here not offered by other brokers. The minimum deposit is much lower than some others. You can open a Nadex account for $250, compared to the minimum deposits of $450 or $500 that most other major brokers offer. Nadex’s demo account is also much friendlier to the prospective trader. You are given a real-time practice account of $10,000, and you can use it for 30 days after opening it. Compare this to the three days that other brokers allow. This gives Nadex an air of authority that you will not find elsewhere.

Federally regulated trading can offer you a big sense of protection. There are reputable sites out there, but the guarantee of the safety of your money is an important thing to consider. The major brokers out there might not have federal regulation, but in order to keep clients, they may try to adhere to strict internal regulations.

Nadex Account

Nadex (North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc.) is a US-based binary options exchange, and one of the few US regulated exchanges (regulated by CFTC – Commodity Futures Trading Commission). All you need to do is sign up and select from numerous trades or contracts, as they call them. While there is no charge on sign-up, it is important to stress that different fees apply while trading.
Nadex provides you with two different types of accounts to choose from – a real or live trading account, and the other one is a binary options demo account to learn and get familiar with the platform. Nadex also some accepts traders who are non-US residents as well.

You are presented with real-time graphs that give point by point, understanding into trades, and makes decision-making much more straightforward.

Nadex Demo Account

For both expert traders and new traders, we believe that Nadex is the best and most ideal way to begin binary options trading in any event. It is even advantageous for expert traders who have never traded in the US market before. Nadex’s platform is a little different than usual binary options trading platform. The Nadex demo account is free and requires necessary information, such as username, name, phone number, and email. The Nadex demo account offers every trader $10,000 in virtual funds that allows the traders to experience the platform, place trades and practice money management systems. Every trader that registered and funded their live account is allowed to use the Nadex Demo Account without time limitation.

Nadex Auto Trading

Nadex platform is user-friendly and easy to use, even though it is designed differently compared to those European brokers. However, as a rule, it is easy to understand. One of the most useful features is the welcome message that displays each time a trader logs in. Nadex auto trading binary options doesn’t exist, so don’t get tricked on the off chance that somebody guarantees something different. 

Other than the desktop platform, Nadex offers a mobile trading platform known as NadexGO. Their mobile trading is based on Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology. It is a web app so there is no need to download anything from the App Store or Google Play. Because of the technology, it is much simpler, more responsive and any updates made are automatically included so no need to download updates or worry that you have the latest version.  Mobile trading is always an incredible addition to every broker’s portfolio.
Options offered by Nadex include binary options, call spreads and Nadex Knock-out™ options. There is no chance for 60 second binary options strategy or No Touch option as the briefest expiration time is 5 minutes. Then again, traders can participate in early closes if they realize they made an inappropriate forecast.

Knock-Out™ Contracts on Nadex

Nadex offers a new type of contract – Knock-Out™ (formerly known as Touch Bracket™ Contracts). These types of contracts were introduced at the end of 2018. Knock-Out™ Contracts allows traders to try to forecast price changes at the predefined range, set with ceiling and floor price levels. With ceiling and floor levels characterized, traders have the maximum limits for the contracts. When the price index of a certain market surpasses or touches the price levels, the contract expires or is “knocked-out”. The maximum duration is one week – which means if the price doesn’t touch the ceiling or the floor, the contract will expire depending on the predefined expiration time.
Nadex will list four knock-outs with novel ranges floor to ceiling, for each underlying market. These knock-outs are explicitly designed with historical price range changes for the underlying market. The floor is the lowest point that the contract can trade, and the ceiling is the highest point.

Trading Knock-Out™ Contracts with Nadex

Just like other contracts – if traders expect the market will rise, they may decide to buy. If they expect the market to fall, they may enter a sell position. When knock-outs are surpassed or touched, Knock-Out™ Contracts settle at either the ceiling or the floor price. In any case, where those levels are not hit or surpassed, the settlement level is settlement price calculation at the moment when the pre-determined expiration time has come towards the week’s end, contingent on the contract specifications. The payouts rely upon the difference between where the position was sold or bought and the settlement price. Knock-outs set fixed price settlement levels, nonetheless, if they are not touched, the payouts will rely upon the price at the expiry time, and the payout is viewed as a variable.

With knock-outs trading, the maximum risk and maximum reward are already known because they characterize the ceiling and floor price levels for the settlement.

For example:
If the traders take a buy position, they know that the maximum reward was the difference between the ceiling and the price level when they bought the contract, excluding fees. If they take a sell position, the maximum reward, excluding fees, would be the difference between the floor price and the position’s price.

Because knock-outs are not generally set asymmetrically, traders can decide to focus on the low risk and high expected reward, and the other way around just by selecting the knock-outs.
Important information about this instrument is the reality that they use micro lot sizes, which means the capital requirements are low, which makes this instrument available to more and more traders.

Call Spreads on Nadex

Call spreads are an exciting turn to online trading. People often want time-tops/bottoms, stop-loss, and take-profit features to alter their risk preferences. There is an issue with this method that the market may briefly move against the trader short-term, but ultimately turn to how the trader forecasted. In these conditions, an opportunity may be missed because limiters will close the trade. Nadex introduced a call spreads contract, in which ceiling and floor levels are set as protection, but those levels do not expire the contract if the market touches or passes that point. In any case, limiters do not trigger the trade to be shut. Trade remains open, however, with profits and losses not gathered after those levels. This will buy some time for traders who genuinely have faith that their forecasting will come true. It also allows a trader to trade even after the limits have been breached until traders choose to close the trade or the pre-determined expiration time is reached.

Underlying Markets Of Nadex

Nadex platform provides traders with products based on the underlying foreign exchange market, with a recent addition, a total of 11 currency pairs, seven different commodities markets, and stock indices markets (8 indices) which makes Nadex a great platform to compare binary trading vs stock trading.

Auto Trader Nadex

Nadex does not offer any auto trader. However, traders can take the benefits of NadexGO, which is a mobile application provided by Nadex. The NadexGO trading platform is continuously updated The mobile trading platform is a recently upgraded progressive mobile application (PWA) synchronized with the desktop trading platform. This implies that the trades are visible on both NadexGO and desktop platforms simultaneously. NadexGO allows traders to start trading binary options on desktop platforms, keep following trades on mobile phones, and vice versa.

Nadex Complaints

Nadex’s trading platform is accessible only in the English language, which is a little strange if we consider that numerous US residents are not so proficient in the English language and Nadex also welcomes some offshore traders. If Nadex adds Spanish as the secondary language, it would be an incredible feature, as we know that there is a large portion of the US population with English as a second language, including Italian, French, German, Mexican, etc. Adding more languages may attract many more traders from the US and foreign as well.

Customer support services can be reached by email or live chat.  In order to better serve customers, Nadex hours have been extended with Customer service available from 3:00 PM Eastern Sunday to 5:00 PM Eastern on Friday. Also, Nadex replaced phone support with live chat to provide much better and more efficient response times to their customers.
Customer support services at Nadex are typically closed on US holidays, like Christmas, New Year’s Day, Labor Day, etc.

Nadex is devoted to educating their clients; traders can get numerous webinars and handbooks. All of the content is free and can be accessed by traders who sign-up with other brokers, but some of the content is only for registered traders.
There is additionally a valuable glossary available with essential terms in the binary options trading industry, and some educational videos that are advantageous for traders to learn some basic principles of the trading. For instance, what are binary options? What are the best trading opportunities and guidance on how to trade? The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) segment offers answers to all common inquiries regarding accounts, trading, and security. Nadex, as a regulated trading platform, likely does not receive complaints about scams like the ones that we investigated in our Bitcoin Loophole review.

Nadex welcomes traders from specific countries. The list of eligible countries is available on the Nadex website. Traders need to provide essential information, such as social security numbers, date of birth, permanent residential addresses, email address etc. These documents have to be verified and provided to the exchange on request.

Nadex Minimum Deposit

Nadex trading platform is a part of the IG group – IG group is a global financial services provider and FTSE 250 company. Nadex trading platform offers numerous methods of withdrawals and deposits.

Both U.S. and non-US residents must deposit a minimum amount of $250 for their initial deposit. US traders can make a payment/deposit via debit card, wire transfer, bank (ACH) transfer, and paper check. On the other hand, non-US residents can make payment/deposit using a debit card and wire transfer only.

Nadex Withdrawal Limit

US residents can withdraw their funds using a debit card, wire or bank (ACH) transfers, but non-US residents can only use debit cards and wire transfers.

The wire withdrawal request must be sent before 4:15 PM Eastern Time, Monday to Thursday, or before 3:00 PM Eastern time on Friday to be processed the same day. All withdrawal requests received after the cut-off time will not be processed until the next business day.