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Trading to the End

This particular trade did not work out as we expected. When looking for a trade set up you try to find the best entry possible using our support and resistance areas. On this particular trade we were in between support levels, so we took a trade based on price action and prior movements.

Immediately after entry the price dropped a significant amount and stayed below our target price up until the last minute. It wasn’t until the 14th minute of this 15 min. expiration that the price moved into the money area. We try not to get into these kind of trades, but when they do occur and they do win you do feel pretty good. Had we taken a put option at this level we would’ve thought we had a winner for most of the trading time. Only to realize that the last second we would’ve lost this particular trade. Frustration and emotional situations would occur if this happened. Don’t let losing trades get to you.

In binary options nothing is over until the end. Although your educated guess will be based on strong charting analysis, you never know what the price may do after you enter. The EURO has been getting killed over the past month and it was due for a bounce, but any time you think something might happen it doesn’t usually happen that way. Keep an open mind when trading and don’t fall in love with a particular asset at certain levels as anything can happen at any particular time.

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