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Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Crypto (or digital) currencies have taken the financial world by storm during the last few years. Bitcoin has become the most popular (and commonly known) cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency trading bots also became more popular with the raise of Bitcoin price. Tens of millions of people around the world are involved in bitcoin trading and bitcoin mining. Some people may find it surprising that a digital currency that has no physical presence may be worth thousands of dollars. In essence, bitcoins replicate the gold model. Similar to gold, bitcoins are scarce, and mining more bitcoins is becoming more difficult with every passing day. Hence, the bitcoins find their value in their scarcity.

While regulatory rules and mechanisms may differ across countries and jurisdictions, the fact of the matter is that bitcoins are becoming very popular. More and more people are taking up bitcoin trading and mining as their primary source of income and wealth maximization. Thanks to this worldwide appreciation, various web and mobile-based platforms have emerged in the recent past that claim to make bitcoin trading easier and more efficient. For a newcomer in this market, bitcoin binary trading (and mining) can be a very confusing task. Bitcoins have seen huge volatility in their worth in the past few years, even though it has increased considerably if seen through a large time frame.

Beginners (and even professional traders) are often faced with crucial questions like when to buy or sell a bitcoin, should I hold bitcoin any longer? How real-world information and data may impact bitcoin pricing, how to conduct bitcoin trades in the most efficient manner, etc.

We understand that finding the right answer to these questions can be difficult. While many binary options brokers claim to offer reliable services in this regard, many of these platforms are yet to go through the time testing phase in order to ascertain their authenticity and reliability for different classes of bitcoin traders. However, it is almost a standard these days that binary brokers accept crypto currency as one of the deposit methods. As explained in our IQ Option review, and review, traders are more than welcome to deposit crypto currency and trade crypto pairs on their platform.

It is true that it may not be possible to review each such platform in detail, as the number of these platforms has increased manifold in recent years. However, in this article, we have tried to provide a thorough review of some of the most common bitcoin binary options trading platforms that gained prominence among users and traders. Information provided in these bitcoin reviews is gathered from a range of different sources, with the purpose of providing reliable information to the readers. 

Let’s now look at some of the famous bitcoin trading platforms and understand their important features.

Bitcoin Loophole Review

Bitcoin Loophole has taken advantage of the emergence of blockchain technology, and it is one of the few binary option auto trading providers for cryptocurrency traders. Basically, it provides beginner crypto traders (as well as the professional traders) the ability to automate their trading as per set parameters.

As it is a new trading bot, some users are wondering about the authenticity of the platform. Analysis of information from various independent sources suggests that Bitcoin Loophole is a legit and properly regulated service provider.

The following may be regarded as some of the prominent features of using Bitcoin Loophole for automated trading:

  • Free registration: The automatic crypto trading bot does not demand any money or deposit amount at the time of registration. A user can create a free log in address by providing basic information, such as an email address. Hence, there is no danger of scamming. Once registered, users can start using the platform to trade bitcoins for any amount of money.
  • User Friendly: Another interesting feature of the crypto trading bot is that it is very user friendly. It means it is equally useful for beginner traders who may not have any experience of trading on complex platforms. Once you have created a login and used the credentials to start your account, the process is very straightforward. At every step, the platform provides you with the necessary guidance that may be required to make trades.
  • Auto Trading: The platform is designed in a way that highly evolved crypto trading bots do all the hard work of analyzing data and processing it to make informed decisions in real-time. There is no human interference, and the overall process is very clean and legit. You may provide best crypto trading bots with some basic information and preference about your trading, and it is up to them to do the remaining work. Crypto trading bots shall scan the data and real market conditions to provide you with the best and most reliable decisions.
  • Easy finances: The system on which this platform is built is very transparent, and we did not find any hidden charges at the time of depositing or withdrawing money.

So far, there have been several cases of reported scams with Bitcoin Loophole so we would advise you to stay away from this crypto trading bot.

Bitcoin Revolution Review

Basically, the Bitcoin Revolution is a crypto trading bot that makes bitcoin trades on your behalf. However, there are certain features that may differentiate the Bitcoin Revolution from some of the other similar crypto trading bots. Let’s look at these crucial features, one by one, to gain a better understanding of this automatic crypto trading bot system.

  • Complete control over trades: While it is true that the Bitcoin Revolution is a fully automated crypto trading bot that specializes in bitcoin trading, it is also important to mention here that the trading bot allows users an opportunity to set trading conditions according to their individual preferences and needs. What it means is that users have the option to provide details about their preferred trading strategies and set appropriate algorithms. Once the conditions set by the user are met in the real market, the trades are executed automatically.
  • Cloud-based system: All the processes carried out on this platform are backed up on cloud storage. This essentially means that traders are not required to keep their PCs on at all times in order to execute trades. 
  • Demo account: While a demo account is not a new feature in the world of online trading bots, the feature is still not provided by a majority of automatic crypto trading bots. Hence, it is a unique opportunity for amateur traders to equip themselves with the real art of bitcoin trading without risking real money.
  • No cost: So far, it has been reported by multiple sources that the platform is completely free to use. From initial registration to funds withdrawal and the steps in between, there is no hidden cost of charges. 
  • Dedicated customer service: The platform has a dedicated team of customer service that is available to answer any queries and answer questions of any sort. In case of any confusion, it is worthwhile to approach the customer service team in order to seek prompt clarification.

The minimum deposit at the Bitcoin Revolution is currently at $250, which is at par with most other similar service providers. However, we have to warn traders about the various complaints and scam reports about the Bitcoin Revolution so make sure to do your research before you invest any money.

Bitcoin Revolution App

We have already discussed the Bitcoin Revolution crypto bot and its differentiating features in the above section. Another crucial (and very useful) feature of this platform is that it provides a mobile-based application for trading, which makes the whole trading experience more efficient and comfortable. 

With its mobile application, it is possible to get trading signals on the go. So, you no longer have to log in to your PC or visit market websites to seek the latest data and information. All the essential information pertaining to automatic bitcoin trading is made available on your mobile phone. Currently, the Bitcoin Revolution app is available for the Android operating system. However, it is not clear whether or not the company intends to launch a similar app for iPhone users as well. 

The automated trading application is claimed to be designed with a state of the art algorithm, and highly reliable. According to an article published in the Market Watch, the app may have a success rate of up to 99%. This success rate is definitely a red flag!

Similar to its PC version, the bitcoin revolution app is designed by keeping user-friendliness in mind. Once you log in to your account, the built-in features in the app guide you through the whole process. Furthermore, round the clock customer support ensures that users are not left in any sort of confusion and that all their queries are answered in real-time. 

The app is completely free to use and does not have any hidden charges at any step of trading. Binary options withdrawal can be made on a daily basis and are processed within one working day. Moreover, the availability of a demo account ensures that users gain an appropriate level of experience and expertise before trading with real money. Expert Option demo and Olymp Trade demo account are available to traders to practice binary options, however these brokers are not connected with the Bitcoin Revolution app.

Overall, the verdict about the Bitcoin Revolution is that claims regarding its accuracy are not true. The so-called, highly evolved and well-learned best crypto trading bots of the Bitcoin Revolution are just another trading scam. Make sure to do your research before you get involved in any of the trading platforms.

Crypto Genius

Trading bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) with the help of automated crypto trading bots is a relatively new phenomenon in the trading world. However, the trading methodology is increasingly becoming popular because of the comfort it has to offer to the traders. Various such trading platforms have emerged recently. While some of these platforms failed to attract a considerable number of traders due to various operational issues, some platforms have succeeded in attracting and retaining traders. Crypto Genius may be regarded as one of these crypto bots. 

There has been a lot of buzz about Crypto Genius across Google and various social media platforms. The company claims to have up to 99.4% accuracy in its robotic trades. While we shall discuss this claim in the Crypto Genius review (see below), it is important to mention here that Crypto Genius does offer some amazing trading services. 

Bitcoin remains the most popular traded cryptocurrency on Crypto Genius (and most other platforms). However, this platform also offers the ability to trade in various other cryptocurrencies. Basically, the platform works similarly to other popular automatic crypto trading bots.

Users may provide a set of parameters and trading strategies, and the crypto trading bots shall analyze real market conditions according to these parameters and execute the trades as soon as these conditions are met. 

Some users have raised their concerns about the platform and questioned the authenticity of its trades. It may be noted here that the registration and trading SOPs at Crypto Genius are similar to most other popular platforms and are fundamentally transparent in nature. It is true that these platforms are not highly regulated, but it is because of the fact that cryptocurrencies, in general, are not highly regulated. Regulations and licensing for cryptocurrencies may differ across jurisdictions.

In fact, cryptocurrency trading or any sort is banned in several countries. So, it is usually not possible for such platforms to gain all the licenses like Forex or commodities trading.

However, apart from this, there has been several reports about scam or embezzlement by Crypto Genius. Based on our own investigation and analysis of various independent sources of information available online, it is not safe to trade with the Crypto Genius platform.

Crypto Genius Reviews

Before discussing some of the specific features of Crypto Genius, it is important to highlight a crucial issue here. The platform claims to offer 99.4% accuracy, and this claim has been severely criticized by several observers, and probably rightly so. As of today, there is no concrete proof to ascertain the authenticity of this bold claim by the Crypto Genius.

While the exact percentage of trading accuracy by this platform is yet to be determined by independent observers, it is also a fact that many people have complained about Crypto Genius. 

Let’s look at some of the important features and facilities offered by this platform.

  • Opening a new account at Crypto Genius only takes a few minutes. The overall experience of opening an account and using the platform is considered to be very user friendly. Unlike some of the best crypto trading platforms, crypto genius does not require any unnecessary information or data about the users. Most of the processes are automated, and a reasonable amount of guidance is also available throughout to make life easier for the traders.
  • Various payment options, such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are available when depositing funds into the trading account. So, users can deposit funds according to the most suitable option.
  • If you are new to the world of crypto trading or automatic crypto trading, it is strongly recommended to test Crypto Genius demo account. The account can be used to understand the basics of automatic crypto trading and to gain an understanding of the working of the platform. Importantly, you are not required to deposit actual money in order to run the demo account. So, there is nothing to lose, but a lot to learn for the traders.
  • Crypto Genius claims that the live trading at crypto genius is completely automated with the help of best crypto trading bots. 
  • Conclusion:

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